Do More with Your Time with ComputerEase’s Most Recent Enhancements

May 27, 2021

Deltek + ComputerEase continues to enhance its products to better serve its users. By creating more flexibility within the system and allowing automation throughout reporting and alerts, users can spend more time growing their business and less time on manual processes.

In the latest release, users can leverage multiple automation options to streamline efficiencies. Here are some of the latest enhancements in Deltek + ComputerEase.

AP Invoice Selections and Register

Users now have additional options and columns to choose from to display on the AP Invoice Selection, providing a more customized platform. These new options to add to viewing your AP include subtotals as well as more details such as Invoice Amount, Retention, W Comp, State Tax, and Notes. With these added options, your business can be managed accurately to ensure project progress can be tracked easily at any point of the job.


There’s also an added option for posted, unposted, or all on the Invoice Register. Now users can correctly sort and track outstanding or completed invoices, avoiding potential information discrepancies and missed or overdue payments.

Invoice Register

AR Quotes

Have you found yourself typing the same content every time you need to generate an Accounts Receivable email? Users can now create standard email verbiage, eliminating constant rework of adding email text to your quote. Users can set up automated email body text for quotes. Simply navigate to the Quoting Tab in AR Parameters and include the desired general body copy for AR emails.

AR Alert Notification

Payroll New Hire Report Option

A new integrated report viewing option has been added to payroll as a Microsoft Excel option. You can choose to use the standard report or use the Excel template for New Hire Report, depending on which one works better for you and your team.


Overtime Amount Posting to General Ledger

The overtime posting in the General Ledger now has the option to post all overtime wage or premium portion to a single overtime GL account. The Payroll Parameters, found under the Accounts tab, can be selected if the department overtime account is to be used for the Entire Amount or OT Portion Only. This gives companies increased flexibility to correctly track work, which in turn makes month-end reporting and year-end reporting more accurate.

Overtime Amount Posting to General Ledger

Purchase Order Search Center

The PO Search Center has a new column to identify complex purchase orders. Users also now have the ability to cancel a PO, furthering the flexibility to meet the demands of your jobs.


Additional Imports

To increase flexibility with purchase orders, users can now add more items to an existing purchase order after it’s been created.

More import integrations for you to leverage for your business include new imports for employees and accrued sick/vacation hours. Import Employees is located in Employee Maintenance under File > Import Employees and Sick/ Vacation hours can be imported under Import Accrued Hours under Work on Sick/Vacation Pay. These imports are for you to better and more accurately track the time and money of your business.

These enhancements were made with you and your employees in mind – we’re always striving to make your business easier and more manageable so that you can focus on what you love to do – build. Join us at our upcoming town hall on Tuesday, June 8 to learn more about this release and upcoming enhancements.