Innovating Construction: ComputerEase Field™ 1.0 by Deltek

September 05, 2023
Heather Lark
Heather Lark
Sr. Director, Product Management
Deltek ComputerEase 1.0: Field Time & Expense Management

In any industry getting employees to turn in time and expenses from the field accurately and timely is a struggle but in construction it is particularly challenging. Introducing ComputerEase FieldTM, the field to office real-time data connector contained in a mobile app that your employees will want to use. ComputerEase Field supports both English and Spanish speakers and has an easy-to-understand entry flow with automation throughout so your workers can spend less time entering data and more time doing what they do best, building our future.

We have designed ComputerEase Field with user experience (UX) and automation as our top priority removing the barrier that so many of our customers struggle with ─ collecting accurate data.

Data Automation in the Palm of Your Hands

With a simple installation of ComputerEase Field on an Android or iPhone device, your employees can quickly log into the passwordless authentication enabled mobile app. No more passwords for your employees to create and manage; once authenticated they can utilize fingerprint or Face ID device authentication to quickly access the app.

Setting geofences for your jobs is easy with an interactive map that unlocks automation for your users and provides valuable geo information for the office.

CE Authentication Screen ComputerEase passwordless authentication mobile app screen

Easy Expenses with Intelligent Character Recognition Receipt Capture

“I can’t wait to put in my expenses!”…said no one, ever! Creating an expense is as easy as 1-2-3 with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) receipt capture. Here are the effortless steps to do so with ComputerEase Field.

  1. Take a picture and select the job cost code from app suggestions
  2. Review the receipt details that auto populated
  3. Touch “Create” and your expense can be submitted with receipt images attached

Instead of spending valuable time typing the date, amount, and merchant, let the capture do it for you and using the job geofence the app will prompt you with nearby jobs. Not using geolocation? No problem. The app also keeps track of the most recently used jobs or allows for a quick filter to find the job easily.

ICR receipt capture ICR receipt capture for ComputerEase Field

Automated Time Tracking

Have you ever thought “It would be great if a system would just track when my employees arrived and departed from the jobsite so I didn’t have to wonder if their time was really accurate?” Now you do! With ComputerEase Field Time your employees will be notified when they arrive within a geofence and when they depart. Knowing that users are busy working when they get on the job site the tracking software works in the background, allowing users to interact with the notifications to create the time entries later but still have the time tagged to that entry for accurate start and stop times.

Want to simply do entries without GPS tracking? No problem. Time entry is quick and easy with our auto-advance feature that presents the options for you and advances you through the entry with less clicks to complete.

ComputerEase Field Real-Time Time Tracking screen ComputerEase Field Real-Time Time Tracking screen

Revolutionize how your employees capture time and expenses today with ComputerEase Field.


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