Deltek Clarity Report Takeaways for Human Capital Management

June 23, 2021

The annual Deltek Clarity report for both A&E and Government Contracting is out! This year the most important concern raised by respondents was succession and career development planning. Along with this, the talent acquisition process continues to be the most expensive with 73% of respondents ranking it as one of their top three expenses. Businesses that build a database of qualified candidates will spend less time in the acquisition cycle and reduce the time from onboarding to billable status. As of now, the average time needed to fill open positions has slightly expanded, as more businesses indicated a shift from zero to 30 days to 31 to 60 days over the past year. This is why making the investment in Human Capital Management technology is important. As for the Government Contracting space specifically, 73% of businesses reported that staying on top of compliance issues was difficult.

Deltek HCM Solutions can help with these challenges that firms are facing with our succession and career development, acquisition database, continuous feedback features, and being an all-in-one system.

Develop Your Team

With Deltek HCM Solutions you can develop talent by collaboratively creating plans to help your employees grow and/or to fill gaps required for succession planning and career development. Firstly, you can proactively prepare your workforce to progress through the ranks by using the Gap Analysis tool. This will allow you to see where you have gaps in your firm and develop your employees to fill them. For succession planning, you can use our 9 Box Planning tool to identify employees who are ready for advancement, need development, or should be transitioned out. You can filter by location, job family, or division to help pick the best people for your succession plan.

Identify Top Performers

Hire the Right People

Efficiently manage and track the entire process for every job and every candidate. Finding people for positions requiring special skills and certifications are even more difficult to find. Setting up candidate pools for specific roles (engineering, architect, welder, etc.) can significantly speed up the acquisition process. Using hiring milestones helps you keep track of next steps and make sure nothing gets missed. It also allows you to efficiently manage and track the entire process for every job and candidate speeding up the time it takes to fill a position.


42nd Annual Deltek Clarity Study for Architecture & Engineering

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Keep Employees Engaged

Keeping employees actively engaged is vital to any organization. With Deltek HCM solutions you can provide ongoing, interactive feedback coupled with clear development and coaching plans. Couple this with 360 peer reviews to enable an easy way to gather peer feedback to help coach and recognize the great work your people are doing across the company. Lastly you can analyze attrition data in the software to identify if employees separated voluntarily, involuntarily, or both. Determine if you are losing your top performing, high potential talent so you can proactively re-engage your workforce.

Eliminate Duplicate Entry and Stay Compliant

Eliminate duplicate entry while maintaining accurate data by integrating Deltek HCM into your other Deltek solutions. Project based businesses have unique needs and require a system that is highly configurable and integrates with existing systems to eliminate duplicate entry. Also, stay compliant by improving alignment with compliance requirements when there is one vendor with one record. By having an all-in-one system you can reduce the number of systems you have, lower overhead costs, and make sure you are consistently staying compliant.


12th Annual Deltek Clarity Study for Government Contracting

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