Jorgensen Reduces Time Specifying by 50% with Deltek Specpoint

August 21, 2023
Jorgensen Customer Story

As Jorgensen, an engineering firm, broadens their customer base and takes on even more projects, the growing workload demands greater efficiency. After researching ways to simplify specifications, Eugene Ninnie, Senior Structural Project Engineer, selected Deltek Specpoint. With Specpoint, the Jorgensen team has access to AIA MasterSpec®’s extensive product library with software that streamlines developing specifications, saves time and enhances the quality of project documentation.

Moving Beyond Manual and Labor-Intensive Processes

The process of developing specifications manually can lead to inconsistencies, errors, and inefficiencies all of which can result in project delays, increased costs, and compromised quality. The team at Jorgensen used to rely on a labor-intensive and manual process involving extensive research with manufacturer catalogs to incorporate products into the specifications. This was followed by multiple rounds of reviewing, redlining and back-and-forth editing of specifications in a Word document.

According to Eugene, “When I look at new projects, I immediately think about how we can assemble the drawings, but we also need to focus on developing the specifications.” He adds “Writing specifications can take a lot of time, which is why it’s important to take advantage of software to make things easier.”

With Deltek Specpoint, Eugene simplifies the otherwise time-consuming task of developing detailed project specifications. The software automates repetitive tasks, provides consistent templates based on industry best practices, and auto-populates material and product information directly into the specification. By leveraging these capabilities, Eugene develops specifications with greater ease.


“Using Deltek Specpoint, I reduce my time specifying by 50%. It is a huge time saver.”

– Eugene Ninnie, Senior Structural Project Engineer


Embracing A New Way of Thinking

While adopting technology can lead to streamlined processes and time savings, it may initially present a learning curve as users become familiar with software features and functionality.

As part of learning the software, Eugene reached out to Deltek support as he worked through his first project, and they promptly provided helpful guidance and assistance. For the next project, he shares, “With the software’s user-friendly interface I quickly created the specs for an interior redesign of a Senior Center, and that went very smoothly.”

An added benefit of Specpoint is users can toggle between developing specifications in the CSI MasterFormat divisions, sections, and subsections or Uniformat assemblies. With Eugene’s background as a licensed architect and engineer, he intuitively thinks of everything as an assembly when it comes to building design and construction — a door is composed of the door, hinges, locking device (s), operation elements (such as door handles, knobs, push plates), frame, etc.

“Assembly-based design provides an all-encompassing view of the entire project and ensures you don’t miss any crucial pieces or parts, Eugene shares.” Noting that Specpoint's assembly-based design approach offers a better line of sight into design intent and product selection.


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Unleashing the Power of Product Selection

Product selection is crucial in specifications as it directly impacts a construction project's quality, functionality, and overall success. Choosing the right products ensures that the project meets its design and performance requirements, minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency during construction.

According to The Architect’s Journey to Specification AIA report, 80% of architects believe that working directly with manufacturers is essential for obtaining accurate and up-to-date product information for their specifications. Building mutual partnerships is necessary to ensure products meet project needs, exchange ideas and maintain a dedicated support network throughout the design and construction phases.

For Eugene, working with product manufacturers is a relationship-based process where trust, communication, and collaboration play crucial roles. Before automation, he used to look for anything from doorknobs to hinges to flooring to get the specific manufacturer's information and manually pull them into the specifications. He reflects, "You still had to integrate that information from the manufacturer into the written specification and it's a lot of work.”

Specpoint saves time by including the product manufacturer's information, such as detailed product cards with technical data, performance characteristics, and installation details. He adds, "With just one click, I can communicate with the manufacturer via email to get my questions answered, select their product and have it automatically added to the specification." Accessing this information allows architects like Eugene to integrate product data directly into their specifications, streamlining the specification development process and ensuring accuracy in product selection.


“Deltek Specpoint has an extensive library of manufacturers where I can select what I need, and add it right into the specs, so we immediately purchased the software.”

– Eugene Ninnie, Senior Structural Project Engineer


Delighting Customers with a Positive Experience

Jorgensen's customers benefit from Specpoint by delivering solid project documentation that meets their expectations, provides clear and comprehensive details about the project requirements, and minimizes misunderstandings, leading to a smoother construction process.

Eugene actively engages with his clients throughout the process, listening to their needs and preferences, incorporating their feedback, and providing a comprehensive and accurate specification package that aligns with their project requirements and expectations.

According to Eugene, “As an example, the customer had a list of certain paints and textures and specific requirements for the manufacturer. While this may seem small, it was important to the customer. And it was easy to incorporate that information in Specpoint.”

With a well-crafted specification, the customer understands the project scope, product selections, and quality standards. As a result, this ensures a smoother construction process and reduces the likelihood of errors and disputes during the project execution. Eugene shares, "With Deltek Specpoint, I can create professional project documents, resulting in delighted customers and a positive project experience.”


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