AG Architecture to Modernize Specifications with Deltek Specpoint

October 25, 2023
AG Architecture

An Interview Megan Scott, Architect at AG Architecture

AG Architecture, a renowned architectural engineering firm specializing in the design and development of residential communities, is transitioning to Deltek Specpoint to modernize its specification processes.

Megan Scott, an accomplished architect at AG Architecture, plays a pivotal role in the design team. She is involved in various aspects of projects, including planning, design, project management and construction supervision for projects across the United States. Megan's expertise lies in balancing the interests of clients and contractors, forging a unified vision that benefits both the inhabitants and the community.

As AG Architecture transitions from traditional AIA MasterSpec® Word documents for their specifications to adopting Deltek Specpoint, an intuitive software solution that incorporates AIA MasterSpec, they envision modernizing their specification development processes and streamlining workflows.

A Champion’s Approach to Software Adoption

Megan has taken on the role of a champion within AG Architecture to transition to Deltek Specpoint. Her vision is to be a resource for her colleagues and provide guidance in adopting the software. Unlike some firms, AG Architecture doesn't have a dedicated specification writer. Therefore, Megan's proactive approach reflects the firm's commitment to staying at the forefront of modern architectural practices.

Megan sees the transition as a positive step forward for AG Architecture and the industry. "It's bringing the specification development process into the 21st century, aligning it with the rest of what we do," she notes, highlighting the importance of embracing cloud-based solutions and modern practices to stay in sync with the evolving architectural landscape.

Enhancing Office Masters for Smoother Workflows

One challenge apparent during this transition is the issue of outdated office masters. Like many firms, AG Architecture has historically used office masters to streamline the development of project specifications. These office masters describe typical products, materials and assemblies required for most projects, such as drywall, concrete, windows, flooring and more. However, an outdated office master can lead to problems and inefficiencies in specifying projects.

Previously, the team at AG Architecture would manually create project documents from a potentially outdated master, leading to inefficiencies and the risk of obsolete or incorrect information. As the firm tends to work on similar projects, product selections often get copied from project to project. An outdated office master can propagate outdated or incorrect information.

Megan explains the significance of this issue, saying, "It is clear that having a solid specification is essential, while inaccuracies in specifications can result in an influx of RFIs (Request for Information) and rework.” Recognizing the importance of maintaining up-to-date office masters is a crucial step toward modernizing specifications.

Megan is leveraging Deltek Specpoint’s automated processes to migrate the firm’s legacy office masters into the software. This transition promises to modernize the firm's specifications and ensure that they remain updated and relevant over time.


“Deltek Specpoint streamlines specification development and seamlessly integrates AIA MasterSpec, making it the ideal choice for modern architectural firms.”

– Megan Scott, AG Architecture


In addition, Megan shares “The benefits of using Deltek Specpoint for office masters are significant. The software allows for creating consistent, accurate, and efficient specifications, saving valuable time, reducing errors, and enhancing the overall quality of work.”

Improving Team Collaboration

Another noteworthy advantage of Deltek Specpoint is improved collaboration. The software facilitates the exchange of information and feedback between the design team, contractors, and suppliers. This collaborative approach enhances specification quality and consistency. With cloud-based technology integrated with AIA MasterSpec, the specification process becomes more efficient.

Megan anticipates Deltek Specpoint will enhance collaboration within the team, making it easier to ensure the drawings and specifications match. She went on to say, "Deltek Specpoint will encourage more interaction and knowledge sharing, ultimately reducing rework and improving the clarity of specifications.”


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Looking to the Future

AG Architecture's transition to Deltek Specpoint underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of modern architectural practices. According to Megan, “The move towards automation and technology in specification development is not just about efficiency; it's about ensuring the highest standards of quality and accuracy in architectural projects.” Megan continues, "It's about time we made this step."

As AG Architecture embraces modern tools and processes, its journey with Deltek Specpoint is a testament to the industry's evolution. In this digital transformation era, firms that adapt and harness the power of technology will lead the way toward a more efficient, collaborative, and innovative future for architecture.


About AG Architecture

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