8 Questions You Can Ask the New Manufacturing Dashboard for a Better Understanding of Your Business

August 21, 2020

Capturing data is a great first step to understanding your business. Analyzing this data is where the real value is generated, and how you analyze this data can make the difference between a reactionary or strategic decision.

The new Manufacturing Dashboard in Costpoint 8 helps you visualize your manufacturing data so you know what happened, what’s happening, and what needs to happen.

By utilizing the integration with Costpoint Business Intelligence, users access data in a seamless fashion and are able to manipulate it in a way that makes sense to them. They can use existing dashboards or create their own, then share these dashboards with colleagues in a shared area or by saving the PDF. In true Costpoint fashion, you can set up security permissions around these reports and dashboards.

Users can also export data to Excel for further collaboration and evaluation. Finally, managers can schedule reports to be sent to their teams. For example, they can automate the emailing of a Manufacturing Order (MO) status report to their Planners every Monday morning.

Costpoint 8 New Manufacturing Dashboard for Defense Contractors Screenshot

The new Costpoint Manufacturing dashboard helps Government Contractors answer a number of important questions. 

Here are just eight of the many ways you can evaluate the valuable data that Costpoint Manufacturing helps you capture throughout the entire manufacturing process.

1. How is manufacturing order cycle time affecting Days Sales Outstanding?

Gain a better understanding of what is currently happening and affect change if the trend is going in the wrong direction. Monitoring cycle times can help you take the right initiatives to decrease inventory storage cost, reduce days sales outstanding, reduce shrinkage risk.

2. What is my release on-time percentage?

Help Planners focus on performance and continuous improvement with this key performance indicator (KPI) chart. Planners can also use this data to adjust future calculations for lead times. 

3. How can I drive Planner performance?

The in-shop on-time percentage chart helps your Planners measure their scheduling acumen while also continuing to improve the timing of starting their cycle time. This KPI helps them easily see that orders are being moved to the In-shop phase on time to have the order completed in enough time to deliver to the customer by the due date.

4. How do I know if I need to add another Planner to our headcount?

Easily see which Planner has the best in-shop versus planned in shop date record. If you see all of your Planners measuring in the lower percentile, it may indicate they have too much to manage. You can also drill in to see why a particular Planner may be having issues and need more training.  

5. Can I increase capacity without increasing headcount or machinery?

Get the view of your overall manufacturing load and progress the orders are making to the shop, using the MO percent complete report. You can also drill in to see how long specific orders have been in this status.

6. How can I reduce obsolete inventory?

The Engineering Change Notice (ECN) report allows you to see the count of ECNs in each status. Drill in to see which Manufacturing Orders are impacted by an ECN for either the Build Part or Component Part on the MO. For example, decide on whether you want to change the order in process or let it run to deplete the stock and avoid obsolete inventory. 

7. How can I keep my customers happy?

Maintain transparency and improve collaboration with the ECN status report. Help teams be proactive when it comes to engineering changes so they can see, among other things, how delivery may be affected and inform the customer.

8. How can I secure my manufacturing data in Costpoint Business Intelligence?

Organizational security is now available on the BI data modules for the Materials domain. Users who are not authorized for specific orgs will not be able to see that org data on any standard or custom reports or dashboards in BI. Part security also extends to the BI data modules if turned on in the Product Definition setup.

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