Streamline Field-to-Office Approvals with ComputerEase Field™ Version 1.5

December 14, 2023
ComputerEase Field 1.5: Streamlining Construction Operations

In the ever-evolving world of construction management, precision is crucial. Traditional methods often result in delays, errors and administrative challenges that professionals like you face regularly. Building on our introduction of ComputerEase Field™ earlier this year, we're excited to announce the latest release, ComputerEase Field™ version 1.5, the mobile app meticulously crafted to manage daily field-to-office communication issues you face.

This latest release signifies more than an upgrade; it's a deliberate response to your needs, a substantial step forward in providing you with a suite of tools for enhanced control and efficiency in your daily operations.

As a construction professional, where precise time tracking, efficient expense management, and seamless communication between the field and the office are paramount, ComputerEase Field not only acknowledges these needs but redefines the way you approach and manage your construction jobs. With automated workflows that allow you to submit time, expenses, and equipment allocations seamlessly, ensuring accurate data capture and timely approvals, ComputerEase Field is the best way to optimize your construction management.

Key Features of ComputerEase Field Version 1.5

Let's dive into the key features that make ComputerEase Field version 1.5 an indispensable companion in your construction management journey.

Navigating Time: Precision Management on the Go

ComputerEase Field version 1.5 enhances timesheet approvals, elevating time management capabilities. While FieldEase already has approvals, this latest release extends this functionality, providing users with extra flexibility and convenience in managing their timesheets. This feature ensures accuracy and compliance through job-driven approvals.

Enjoy peace of mind and more flexibility with the version that offers the option to assign a single approver or a group. The in-app approval feature allows you to efficiently review and approve time entries directly within the app, promoting real-time decision-making and minimizing administrative delays.

Location-based alerts are a valuable addition, helping you identify discrepancies between reported time and your location. This functionality flags potential issues, enabling you to focus on transactions that may indicate time discrepancies.

Timesheet Approvals
Timesheet Approvals in ComputerEase Field

Optimizing Finances: Equipment Expense Allocation

Recognizing the complexity of construction-related expenses, ComputerEase Field version 1.5 introduces equipment expense capabilities. Now, you can allocate expenses to specific equipment, providing a detailed breakdown of vehicle-related business costs incurred in the field.

You can capture and precisely allocate expenses to equipment effortlessly, improving accuracy in financial reporting and job costing. You'll enjoy enhanced visibility with a detailed view of time entries and equipment expenses even after submission, facilitating better financial oversight.

Expense Allocation
Expense Allocation in ComputerEase Field

Ensuring Accountability: Signature Option for Future Auditing

ComputerEase Field provides a signature option on reports, enhancing accountability and serving as a visual confirmation for future audits. Enhance your accountability with signatures on reports, creating an audit trail for future reference and compliance. Ensure adherence to state time-tracking regulations, minimizing the risk of legal complications.

Signature Auditing
Signature Auditing in ComputerEase Field

User-Centric Experience: Passwordless Authentication

User experience remains a top priority in ComputerEase Field, with users not having to remember passwords. As you log in using your fingerprint or Face ID for quick and secure access, you’ll experience an effortless authentication process. Enjoy a fast, safe and user-friendly login experience without password management hassles.

Real-Time Oversight: GPS and Geofencing Mastery

The robust GPS and geofencing capabilities of ComputerEase Field continue to be the backbone of efficient crew management. Use interactive maps that make geofence setup a breeze, unlocking user automation and providing valuable geoinformation for your office.

Real-time GPS and geofencing reduce the risk of time theft and provide complete visibility into your crew activities.

Engage and Shape the Future: Your Feedback Powers ComputerEase Field™ Evolution

As you explore the enhanced features of ComputerEase Field version 1.5, your feedback becomes invaluable. The app prompts you to share your experience, contributing to ongoing improvements and ensuring that future versions meet your evolving needs as a construction professional. Another way to provide feedback is through G2, where Deltek ComputerEase has been recognized as an ERP leader because of customers like you!

In Fall 2023, Deltek ComputerEase earned the Leader status in several G2 Grid categories, demonstrating high customer satisfaction AND high market presence. In addition, this intuitive construction accounting solution was recognized by our users, receiving the Easiest to Use and Easiest Admin badges.

Embracing the Power of ComputerEase Field™

If you do not have ComputerEase Field already, version 1.5 is not merely an upgrade; it's a strategic leap into a new era of construction management. Tailored to address construction professionals' specific challenges, this release empowers you to tackle complexities, embrace efficiency, and drive overall job success.

With its distinctive features, ComputerEase Field™ is your key to staying ahead in the construction industry.


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