Build Better Project Teams with Deltek PIM Team Evaluation

May 31, 2023

Every architectural and engineering (A&E) project requires collaboration with subconsultants, suppliers, vendors and other project partners. Your project manager likely has a handful of partners they prefer working with, while others perform below expectations. What if you could track if the underperformance is a one-off blip or a downward trend? What if you could use quantifiable data to select the best partners for your next project?

With Deltek PIM Team Evaluation, your teams can record the performance of external project partners and identify the good and poor firms working with your company. With access to this project performance data, the rest of your firm can then be more confident that they are building the right team for their next project.

Easily Build Targeted Evaluation Criteria

How your firm defines success may differ from other firms. To give you the flexibility to measure what matters most to your business, use PIM Team Evaluation to create targeted criteria to measure the performance of your external teaming partners. Examples include measuring the firm’s quality of work, health and safety efforts, project timeliness, budgetary performance and more. Firms also can create multiple survey types to focus on the criteria relevant to each type of project partner (i.e., subconsultants, subcontractor, vendor).

TE01-Create Scheme
Create targeted criteria to measure performance of external teaming partners

Rate Multiple Companies Simultaneously

PIM Team Evaluation allows users to rate up to 30 external companies or their employees in a single step, saving time and effort. Each response is automatically counted and weighted to build an overall score at a point in time.

Additionally, firms can opt to perform these ratings at pre-determined intervals throughout the project lifecycle to monitor their performance throughout.

TE02-Rate Organisations
Quickly evaluate multiple companies or their employees in a single step

Review Performance with Powerful Charting

Easily review how your external teaming partners are performing at the project/organization level or across the business through powerful charting tools. These charts allow you to filter results specifically by region, trade, industry segment and more. By monitoring the performance of companies and their employees throughout the project, your firm can easily spot trends and take action before it’s too late.

Monitor performance of companies and their employees to spot trends

Build Better Teams

At the end of the day, you want to build the best project team for any given project. To do so, it is important to understand how external partners performed on previous projects, using quantifiable data. Rated companies are automatically color-coded within their PIM record with an average performance score, helping your teams quickly identify the best teaming partners.

Now with Deltek PIM Team Evaluation, you can build better project teams by knowing how project partners performed on past projects to inform future teaming decisions.

TE04-Average Performance
Easily view an entity’s average performance across all projects


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About the Author

As a product manager for Deltek PIM, Clive Sewell is focused on improving the management of project information for the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industries, along with the processes of contractual document and bidding documents. His goal is to help project teams better communicate and collaborate throughout the entire project lifecycle. With more than 35 years of industry experience, he spent 15 years working in various consulting roles where he helped firms improve their use of technology.