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March 20, 2023
Linda Dininger
Linda Dininger
Product Marketing Manager
What’s New in the Deltek PIM 22.0 Release

Does your business struggle with sharing project documents and drawings with external team members? What about identifying which teaming partners are the right match for your projects, and how to keep track of them? The latest release of Deltek PIM now allows your team to seamlessly share project files with subconsultants and other teaming partners. Teams also can evaluate and measure the success of those partners to help you make better teaming decisions on future projects.

These are just a couple examples of improvements in the latest release of Deltek PIM. In this blog post, you will see an overview of two new modules, along with highlights of additional feature enhancements in the Deltek PIM 22.0 release.

Over the next couple of months, we will provide a more in-depth look at new features that will help your teams increase project success by building better teams and increasing project collaboration. Stay tuned to the Deltek PIM blog.

Share Documents with External Project Team Members with PIM Teamwork

Collaboration is vital to project success and with the new Deltek PIM Teamwork module, your teams can efficiently coordinate all the development of project documents and drawings with external team members to boost collaboration and keep projects on track. With Deltek PIM Teamwork, your project teams can easily invite external users to secure project spaces within Deltek PIM and allow those users to view, download and upload the latest versions of project files. Spend less time sorting through emails and unorganized documents and spend more time collaborating on and delivering successful projects. Note: Requires PIM Teamwork module.

Teamwork Document Zone

Enable external users to securely view, download and upload project documents and drawings


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Take a look at the Deltek PIM Teamwork and Team Evaluation modules in action.

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Rate the Performance of Project Teams with PIM Team Evaluation 

Every business wants to deliver successful projects and firms rely on dependable subconsultants, subcontractors, vendors and partners to deliver. With the reimagined Deltek PIM Team Evaluation, your project teams can evaluate how teaming partners and subconsultants performed per project to make better perform regular project performance evaluations for companies and their employees to ensure current projects stay on track and to build better project teams on future projects. Must purchase Team Evaluation module; replaces Performance Rating module.

PIM Team Evaluation Rate for Multiple Companies

Rate multiple entities on the same screen to save time

Replace Hundreds of Project Files in One Step

Deltek PIM has made it easier for users to replace large quantities of project files at once. The latest enhancement allows users to replace up to 500 documents at the same time. The intuitive tool scans each file name and its contents to make suggestions of which files are being replaced. Users can quickly make adjustments to document attributes on a single screen before publishing. Replaces the existing bulk superseder tool. 

PIM Team Evaluation Rate for Multiple Companies

Quickly replace multiple files at once

Find Drawings and Relevant Attributes Faster

Deltek PIM’s drawing mode has an updated interface that improves the overall user experience. Users will also see additional columns and filters to help users to find drawings faster and quickly identify their status and attributes.

Drawing Mode

View list of drawings and their status and attributes at a glance

Benefit from Usability Improvements

The latest release of Deltek PIM also includes a variety of improvements to make it easier to use. Here are a few noteworthy improvements:

  • Teams can view the network directory folder structure within Deltek PIM Universal Document Control.
  • All users can login faster using single sign-on (SSO).
  • Teams can access Deltek PIM documents from Microsoft Outlook without Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).
  • Users can access all PIM pages through a single browser using the new dynamic Microsoft Edge IE mode (IT admin action required).

To review the full list of enhancements included in this release, review the Deltek PIM 22.0 release notes.

Learn More about the Deltek PIM 22.0 Release

As you can see, the latest release is full of exciting new features and powerful enhancements to make accessing and managing documents easier. To learn more, register for the Q2 2023 Deltek PIM Customer Town Hall where the product team will provide demonstrations of these features and more. You can also review the Deltek PIM 22.0 release notes for more details.


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Watch the Q2 2023 Town Hall for a deep dive demonstration into all PIM 22.0 Features.

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