Ajera Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Build Powerful Widgets, What’s Coming in the Next Release and More

August 05, 2022
Megan Miller
Director of Product Marketing

The Quarterly Town Halls are part of Deltek’s ongoing commitment to keep users updated on the latest releases of their solutions and what’s happening with Deltek. During the Q2 2022 town hall for Deltek Ajera, users received a demonstration to create widgets and got a glimpse into what’s coming in the next release. Attendees also learned tips for better leveraging the Deltek Support Center and heard about enhancements to the Deltek Learning Zone to empower users. If you missed this town hall, watch it now on demand.

Embrace the Power of Dashboard Widgets

In this town hall, Product Director Ellen Keeley provides a demonstration of how to create and edit widgets to display important at-a-glance information directly from the gallery of pre-designed widgets. These widgets include table and chart reports and task widgets such as revenue reconciliation, purchase orders, journal entries and more. Ellen also demonstrated how you can further configure these widgets with filters and conditional formatting to draw attention to critical data points. To learn more, visit the Deltek Ajera Learning Center or watch this webinar for a demonstration.

What’s Coming in the Next Ajera Release?

The next release of Ajera is coming soon and in this town hall, Ellen previewed a few of the new features including streamlining bank reconciliation, better managing projects tasks from the dashboard, increased flexibility of printing browser-based tasks, improved integration with Deltek Vantagepoint CRM and more. To learn more, watch this webinar and register for Deltek ProjectCon in November.

Simplify Field Reports with Ajera and Deltek + ArchiSnapper

In this town hall, Ellen also reviewed the integration between Ajera and Deltek + ArchiSnapper. Deltek + ArchiSnapper is a leading field app that simplifies field reports and streamlines site inspections for architects and engineers. You can learn more by watching this town hall or starting a free trial today.

Customer Care Update

Director of Customer Care Tracey Henry introduced the Ajera support management team available to guide your teams to get the most out of Deltek Ajera. To reach this team, you can initiate a conversation in the Need Additional Assistance widget available within the Deltek Support Center or by emailing [email protected]. Additionally, Tracey highlighted recent enhancements and resources now available including the increased number of annual support cases and hundreds of Knowledge Base (KB) articles available in the Deltek Support Center. To learn more, watch this town hall.


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Deltek Learning Zone Update

Damon Shratter, principal curriculum manager, reviewed updates now available in the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ). These enhancements include efforts to minimize the steps required to view training courses, new widgets on the main dashboard that help you stay on track with your enrolled courses and new learning paths to help you get the most out of Ajera. Additionally, the DLZ team has recently created 30 new all-access training courses and 34 virtual live classes available to DLZ Enhanced Tier subscribers, all to empower your teams to dive deep into Ajera’s features. Watch this town hall to learn more.

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After two years of hosting our annual customer conference virtually, Deltek Project Nation is getting back together in person! This year, Deltek ProjectCon, formerly known as Deltek Insight, will take place in Nashville, Tennessee in November. This annual event is the premiere destination for project-based business professionals to gather for unparalleled inspiration, education and collaboration. This year, Deltek Ajera users can hear directly from the product team, get insight into the roadmap, uncover best practices from fellow Ajera customers and learn tips and tricks from the experts. Registration is now open


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