Ajera Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Getting the Most of Your Solution

April 05, 2021
Liz Perkins
Product Marketing Specialist

These town halls are part of our commitment to our users to ensure they have the latest information about their solutions, can get tips and tricks from the experts and can get updates about what’s happening with Deltek. During the first quarterly town hall of 2021, Ajera users can learn best practices to some common support issues, resources available within Deltek Learning Zone and the 2021 workshops available to helps users enhance their knowledge of the solution.


Ajera Town Hall Q1 2021

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Tips and Tricks for Solving Common Issues

Jake Prosser, support team lead of customer care, demonstrates solutions to some of the most common support issues, including clearing work in progress (WIP), transactions missing from bank reconciliations and clearing pre-payments. Senior Consultant Christy Barton shares best practices to address those common issues, including the different WIP status types and when best to use each one and tips for keeping general ledger (GL) accounts clean.

Watch the town hall for these detailed tips and tricks.

Deltek Learning Zone Update

Senior Curriculum Manager Damon Shratter highlighted the new Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ) platform that features infographics, recorded sessions and virtual live classes available to help users maximize their Ajera investment. If you aren’t using the Deltek Learning Zone today, it’s time to take a second look to see how you can better enable your users and increase adoption with the DLZ.

Get the Most out of Ajera in 2021

The curriculum for the 2021 Deltek Global Consulting Workshops is now available. These virtual workshops were designed to provide best practices and better ways of using key features in the system. Topics include accounting reconciliation and key performance indicator (KPI) setup and tracking, project reporting, project management and more. More information can be found in this Ajera blog.