5 Reasons Deltek Maconomy Users Should Attend Deltek ProjectCon 2023

July 14, 2023
Regan Riddoch
Director of Product Marketing
ProjectCon 2023

Deltek ProjectCon is coming soon and is the largest conference for project-based businesses. As a Maconomy user, you won’t want to miss this event!

Thousands of Deltek users will join for three days of content, connections and customer appreciation. We’re excited for Deltek Maconomy users to hear directly from our product teams, get insight into the latest roadmap and learn tips and tricks from product experts. Whether you have attended in the past or this is your first time, register today and join us October 16-18, 2023 in Orlando, Florida.


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Five Reasons Maconomy Customers Can’t Miss Deltek ProjectCon 2023

Strengthen Your Maconomy Product Knowledge

The number one reason people attend Deltek ProjectCon year after year is for the product sessions—and this year won’t disappoint. Our robust Maconomy track offers informative sessions to help you maximize the use of your Deltek solution. Discover what’s new in Maconomy and People Planner, get excited about version 3.0 and learn why you should start leveraging the Web Client now, hear success stories from other Maconomy customers and discover the endless possibilities to improve efficiency and automation by leveraging Deltek Unionpoint.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with speakers to help increase user adoption, improve processes and increase visibility across the business with Maconomy. You will also have the opportunity to hear from Deltek Partners on how they can help improve your overall experience with Maconomy. Here are some sessions you won’t want to miss:

All Maconomy users should attend the Maconomy Product Kick-off (MAC-00) where Senior Director of Product Management Dan DiStefano and the Maconomy product management team will energize you about the future of Maconomy with a glimpse into the roadmap and much more. Below are the additional sessions you’ll want to attend from the Maconomy track or view the full session catalog.

Learn why you should be leveraging the Web Client

  • Accelerate your Maconomy Web Experience
  • Web Experience - An Opportunity to Thrive
  • Moving Your Extensions to the Web / Mobile Framework

What’s in store for Maconomy in the Cloud

  • Maconomy SaaS on the Move!
  • Maconomy Cloud Roundtable

How to enhance your firm’s tech strategy and achieve greater levels of efficiency

  • Obtain Pervasive Connectivity with Maconomy

Share perspectives with other Maconomy customers

  • Maconomy Customer Industry Roundtable
  • Maconomy Customer Spotlight
  • Secrets to Success: Using Ad Industry Market Conditions to Your Advantage (DAS-06 found in the Deltek Agency Solutions track)

Get a peek at the latest updates in People Planner, Finance and regulatory requirements

  • Exciting times related to Project Planning & Resourcing
  • Maconomy Finance

And if you’re a Maconomy customer in the advertising and marketing industry, don’t miss these additional thought leadership sessions you will be interested in adding to your schedule. Also be sure to check out the Deltek Cloud (DC) sessions for information about the Deltek Cloud Roadmap and security and compliance.  

Learn How Deltek is Committed to Your Project Management Success

Expand your knowledge beyond Maconomy and learn how Deltek is committed to your overall business success. The Customer Experience (CX) track includes sessions focused on how Deltek can help invigorate and protect your business. In this track, some of the key sessions include:

  • Leverage Deltek Training Offerings: Empowering Success and Optimization
  • Driving Successful User Adoption: Strategies and Tips for Maximizing Software Benefits
  • Influence through Partnership: Empowering Users to Shape Deltek Solutions
  • And more!

Network with Other Maconomy Users

As a Deltek user, one of the many benefits is that you have a community of users you can connect with to answer questions, join user groups and share best practices for leveraging your Maconomy solution. Leverage onsite Deltek Project Nation Braindates – topic-driven conversations that can be one-on-one or in a small group to brainstorm, solve challenges or share experiences with Maconomy. The XPO, sit-down meals and the customer appreciation event also are a great opportunity to interact with other users. 

Uncover Complementary Maconomy Solutions

While you are at Deltek ProjectCon, we encourage you to check out our other project-based solutions that can help your company power your project success. You can join sessions or visit the XPO to learn about solutions like Deltek Talent Management, Deltek Unionpoint, Deltek Payments and more!

Just filter the session catalog by role or product to learn more about how these solutions can extend your Maconomy capabilities and unlock new possibilities for your projects and business growth. You can also visit the XPO at Deltek ProjectCon to ask questions about these solutions.

Explore Additional Learning and Networking Opportunities

Attendees can schedule time to speak one-on-one in a Meet the Experts appointment or participate in a Pre-Conference Workshop. Additionally, there will be lots of networking and exploration opportunities available in the XPO, where attendees can learn about Deltek’s full suite of products, discover our sponsoring partners’ products and services, engage with our Deltek experts and explore new product concepts in the UX Lab.

We look forward to having you join us in Orlando for the largest gathering of project-based professionals in October! Be sure you register today and don’t forget to invite your teams, colleagues and user groups to experience all that Deltek ProjectCon 2023 has to offer!


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