Project Manager Software for Government Contractors

Exploit deep budgeting, planning and reporting capabilities to profitably deliver on government projects.

Resource Management Software

As a government contractor’s Project Manager, you do so much more than simply manage resources. You source them, budget them, make sure they are properly utilized and approve their time and expense charges. Costpoint automates both sides of many of these processes, enabling you to focus on analyzing the data rather than gathering it, enabling resources to focus on their work rather than the paperwork.

Project Budget Management Software

Whether you are a federal contractor or a federal subcontractor, Costpoint ERP software can handle both your government and commercial businesses with standard and average actual costing method options. The on-premises and cloud versions provide further flexibility to help federal contractors of all sizes successfully deliver projects on time and on budget.

Costpoint Project Management Capabilities Also Include:

  • Plan by resource or plan by project
  • Search for resources by skill, credentials, etc.
  • Report using the Project Manager dashboard then drill down to numerous levels and views
  • Project forecasting – review EAC versions prior to finalizing
  • Subcontractor management – they enter data, you see pending charges then approve or reject
  • Project portfolio management reporting