ProPricer has been acquired by Deltek. Read the press release to learn more about the announcement.

ProPricer is software that maximizes efficiency and accuracy in the development, submission, evaluation, negotiation, and audit of proposals. From storing historical proposal data to easily generating a broad range of reports, ProPricer empowers government contractors to build custom proposals, perform what-if analyses, and integrate all proposal data quickly and easily - within one platform.

Founded in 1984, ProPricer is trusted by organizations worldwide, including the top 10 US defense contractors. The company thrives on transforming its customers’ needs into product features and enhancements that benefit all current and future ProPricer users.

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ProPricer Contractor Edition – Enterprise – (CE)

CE is the industry-leading solution specifically for contractors. It increases the speed and accuracy of the estimating cycle with an industry-leading pricing product that improves bid quality and accuracy of the estimating process, proposal consistency, and drives growth.

CE improves bid efficiency and access to real-time pricing while supporting your compliance and security needs. Made for firms of any size, ProPricer's database architecture stores all estimates, formulas, and qualitative information related to developing cost proposals, ensures complete real-time visibility into all indirect and direct rates and allows manipulation of data to provide completely customizable cost breakdowns and roll-ups.

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ProPricer Contractor Edition

Essentials - A solution designed for Small Business to enjoy an easy-to-use SaaS technology that scales as needs grow, enabling them to win new clients, manage project profitability and improve client satisfaction at every stage.

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ProPricer BOE Pro

BOE Pro allows functional groups to enter their cost estimates directly into a ProPricer proposal, or to be created in a ‘staging area’ for analysis before merging.

On-demand and all-inclusive, this tool brings the entire pricing team into the pricing process and allows for greater flexibility in every proposal project.