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Posted by Deltek on September 30, 2020

Top Sessions to Attend at Deltek Insight 2020

More than 11,500 project focused professionals came together virtually for Deltek Insight 2020, earlier this month, for the industry-leading conference for project-based businesses. 

While the LIVE Virtual Deltek Insight event may be over, the learning opportunities continue! Now through the end of the year, Deltek Project Nation can log in to get On-Demand access to hundreds of sessions led by Deltek experts and customer peers. Our product-level tracks offer robust, content-rich sessions for all attendees, from practical tips and tricks to deep dives of the latest features and enhancements designed to accommodate Deltek users of all levels.

Insight Session Catalog to view product-track content or register at to search On-Demand sessions ─ search by product and filter by job function or audience level, to find the sessions that best meet your needs.

Remember, Virtual Deltek Insight 2020 has something for everyone, FREE of charge! Invite your co-workers, power users, new users, or anyone that wants to learn more about Deltek to join in and get the most out of this on-demand content, now available through December 31.

Top Deltek Insight 2020 Sessions by Product Track

Deltek Ajera

AJ- 11: Managing Resources in Ajera - In this session, attendees will learn best practices for resourcing projects, take an in-depth look at new schedule manager functionality and provide tips to better manage staff availability.

AJ- 21: Streamlining Cash Flow with Paperless Billing and Collections- In this session learn more about the popular paperless features in Ajera for invoicing and collections that can help you exceed in the virtual world.

AJ- 32: Back to Basics with Widgets - Curious about how the Ajera dashboards you use are created? Gain the confidence to start designing and sharing dashboards using predefined widgets. In this session you will learn about the widget terminology and dashboard navigation.

Deltek + ComputerEase

CE-01: What’s New in Deltek + ComputerEase - We are dedicated to delivering features to improve the overall contractor experience while ensuring you have the features you need in this environment. In this session, we discuss everything delivered to customers in 2020 so far and what to expect for the remainder of the year.

CE-03: Tips and Tricks for Using Deltek + ComputerEase - Learn general tips and tricks that you may not know about in Deltek + ComputerEase. This session could save you time and money as you will learn whether you’re taking full advantage of your software and getting the most out of your investment.

CE-06: How to Leverge Excel with Deltek + ComputerEase - In this session, learn how to enable an easy connection between your Deltek + ComputerEase and Excel as well as how to leverage the vast flexibility available to create custom templates and reports.

Deltek Costpoint

CPKO-01: The 8 Great Things About Costpoint 8! - Join the Costpoint Product Team to learn how the industry-leading solution you trust now brings you more innovation and greater intelligence across the entire project lifecycle.

CP-01: Reports & Dashboards in Costpoint Business Intelligence 8.0 - Ready, Set, Go! Costpoint Business Intelligence (formerly called CER) version 8 is full of new BI content as well as a lot of powerful new features to create reports, dashboards and data models.<

CP-50: Costpoint 8: What's New in Costpoint Time - In this session learn about our new Costpoint capabilities including a Progressive Web Application (PWA), updates to buttons and menu name items, and enhancements to leave requests and approvals.

Deltek GovWin IQ

GW-01: Federal Government Contracting Outlook and Impact of COVID-19 - In this session, Kevin Plexico discusses the current environment for government contractors at the federal level and what to expect in the next several years. He also provides guidance on what companies can do to improve their success in federal contracting.

GW-03: Cooperative Procurement: The Key to Government Sales Success - While government teams have used cooperative contracts in the past, with shrinking budgets and COVID-19, the momentum is growing to be a bigger part of their purchasing strategy. In this session discover the benefits for suppliers, with key ways to leverage GovWin to gain greater market share in the state and local market.

GW-04: Doing Business in a COVID-19 Environment - A Panel Discussion - Join our panel of tenured business development leaders for insights into how you can navigate the Government marketplace during the COVID-19 pandemic and hear best practices for developing business during this difficult time.

Deltek Human Capital Management

HCM-08: Continuous Performance Management - Many employers are modernizing their performance management programs, including a wide variety of approaches. Join Dave Lee, Senior Product Manager for a highly impactful session that will offer several different approaches to modernization, along with action plans.

HCM-12: Vantagepoint Integration Overview - Join Andrea Young and Kirsten Herd for a knowledge session on the integration between Talent Management and Vision/Vantagepoint.

HCM-14: Costpoint Self-Service Tips and Tricks - Come and learn what Costpoint Self-Service is and how other Government Contractors have implemented it. Learn how you can use the solution to make the day to day processes easier.

Deltek Maconomy

MAC-01: Maconomy iAccess - A Simple, More Intuitive User Experience - Join this session to learn more about the latest advances in iAccess and how your organization may benefit from using its web-based interface. We'll demonstrate basic capabilities and show exciting new features including instant chat, a new project dashboard and additional work spaces.<

MAC-03: A New Level of Project Control: Resourcing for Financial Gain - This session will provide updates on the latest developments of Deltek's integration between Maconomy and People Planner and provide the tools needed to establish the most accurate project baseline plans possible, monitor and respond quickly to changes in progress as they occur, and move to a more strategic approach towards capacity management within an organization.

MAC-04: Practical Technology: Making the Most of Maconomy - Gain insight into our latest product developments as well as a peak into future Maconomy roadmap plans in this session.

Deltek Project Information Management

PIM-02: What is Deltek PIM and Why Should I Care? - How are you responding to the shift in your company’s information landscape? Deltek PIM empowers teams to embrace digital transformation from document and email management to workflow and process improvement. Join us as we talk about project information management and why your business should care.

PIM-03: Deltek PIM Smart: Can We Help Your Business Work Smarter, Not Harder? Learn how you can reengage your business with Deltek PIM’s new smart features, ultimately empowering employees to be more productive. Also get a glimpse into the future of the Deltek PIM smart journey.

PIM-08: The Email Management Challenge & How to Overcome It - How much time do you spend sifting through emails? Are you confident the right people can view the decisions made via email? Learn the importance of email management and how Deltek PIM ensures your corporate email can be managed effectively and how automation takes ease of use to the next level.

Project & Portfolio Management Solutions

PPM-08: Coping with Realized Risk - Risk management is at the heart of project fundamentals and offers significant improvement opportunities for many organizations. The ability to strategically assess risk becomes even more essential to your business during unpredictable times. Learn how in this session.

PPM-10: Production Scheduling Integration with Open Plan - Join us for this 30-minute session as our experts walk through advanced integration and automation capabilities for aligning and synchronizing external data with Open Plan schedules. A more streamlined schedule management process is within reach.

PPM-18: Leveraging Cobra's Batch API to Improve Efficiency - In this session learn how to create a simple and flexible solution in Excel to turn this powerful batch capability in Cobra into a force multiplier dramatically increasing efficiency and reliability of your EVM processes.

Specification Solutions

SpSo-02: Breaking Specifications Out of Its Silo - Hear in this panel discussion "why" the AEC industry is behind the technology curve and how to elevate the value of the specification process in design and construction projects. Architecture isn’t just about designing buildings - organizing knowledge matters.

SpSo-03: How AE Firms and BPMs can Work Collaboratively to Build Better Projects - AE firms want a building product manufacturer (BPM) to keep them engaged through education and product insights. Hear in this panel discussion how BPMs, whose products are listed in AIA MasterSpec, are breaking down barriers to educate and instill confidence in AE's about the value of their products.

SpSo-05: The Truth About BIM to Spec Integration - The misinformation surrounding BIM is endless, such as: "There’s a high learning curve. It requires a lot of setup. It’s just 3D modeling. It’s only for large firms." This has led to hesitation in implementing BIM within existing workflows. Learn more in this session that focuses on how to coordinate graphic/non-graphic work.

Deltek Vantagepoint

VP-22: Managing the Project Lifecycle in the Projects Hub - The Projects Hub is your command center to manage the entire project lifecycle. Learn how to take advantage of everything available in the project such as dashboards, alerts, approvals and much more to proactively manage projects.

VP-31: What's New in Finance? - In this session learn about Vantagepoint enhancements that include new ways to streamline your current billing process for both your project managers and billers. Learn about features that will improve the overall user experience within time and expense as well as new functionality to make transaction entry more robust.

VP-41: Vantagepoint Best Practices for Your Users - In this session learn all kinds of tips and tricks for using Vantagepoint. Find out easier ways to search for specific items, use special grid actions to focus on the pieces needed, and a wizard-like tool to help create projects faster and more completely.

Deltek WorkBook &  ConceptShare

WBCS-05: Protect Your Most Valuable Asset with Best Practice Resource Planning - "Right-Sizing" is a common and uncomfortable exercise for the creative industry. Learn the importance of empowering your Resource Managers to take a more impactful role in optimizing resource planning and utilization, so that you can be confident you have the "right size" agency at all times.

WBCS-10: Forecasting Now and in the Future - Discover what the future holds as "now" meets "next" when the Net Revenue Forecast is properly feeding your finance budgets.

WBCS-19: Eliminate the Timesheet Headache - Empower users to take an impactful role in their own well-being by recouping valuable time, protecting their own workload balance, and eliminating timesheet headaches by managing tasks and entering time according to industry best practice.


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