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Deltek Leadership Team - Tips for a Successful New Year

Start the New Year Off Right! Top Tips from Deltek’s Leadership

For people and companies alike, the new year is a time to reassess goals and priorities. Here members of Deltek’s Executive Team share their tips for making the most of the new year.

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Bath Engineering and Deltek ERP

Bath Engineering Gets Real-time Visibility Across the Firm with Deltek

Bath Engineering Principal, Phil Rothstein, describes how their firm’s efficiency benefited from Deltek’s real-time business management information.

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Civil Engineering Firm FOX Engineering Enhances Profitability with Deltek ERP

How Fox Engineering Enhanced Profitability, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction with Deltek

Jean Sheets CFO of FOX Engineering, a civil engineering firm focused on innovative water and wastewater technology, talks about the benefits they’ve achieved using Deltek.

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Project Management Jason Kinder

Critical Challenges in Today's World of Project Management

Project management is a field that can be kind of hard to wrap your arms around. What, exactly, is it? And what qualities define a good project manager?

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Best of Deltek Project Nation Blogs 2018

The Best of Deltek Project Nation Blogs for 2018

Set yourself up for success in 2019. Read our top blogs for 2018 and subscribe to Deltek Project Nation for automatic updates.

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Team Building Activities to Build Team Trust and Performance

Building Team Trust and Performance

Mike Robbins, author and thought leader, shares tried and true team building activities that build trust and connection to drive better team performance.

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10 Ways for Project-Based Firms to Make 2019 a More Profitable Year

10 Ways for Project-Based Firms to Make 2019 a More Profitable Year

Make 2019 your most profitable year! Here are 10 areas professional services firms can focus on to grow revenue, reduce expenses and increase project profits.

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CARVER Risk Analysis and Cost Optimization

Applying CARVER to Cost Optimization

Organizations should be constantly looking at risk to develop a rational for addressing business change. Here we look at the CARVER method and how to apply it to Cost Optimization.

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Deltek Project Nation Community_Perry Hardt CMO

Hosting the “Deltek Project Nation” Community

At Deltek Project Nation we are a community united by our focus on delivering projects successfully — on-time, on-budget and within scope.  Read Deltek CMO Perry Hardt’s blog.

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Helping Our Customers Power Project Success

Deltek: Helping Customers Power Project Success

At Deltek, we rally around the continuous customer feedback we receive, so that we can provide the best solutions, service and support to all customers. Learn the ways Deltek is focused on powering project success for customers.

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