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The Millennial Generation – Who Are They?

Millennial Mythbusters: Decoding the Generation

No generation in history is analyzed and dissected as much as the Millennial Generation. In this blog we debunk common myths surrounding them.

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Key Questions for Technology Systems Integrators

The Right Questions to Ask a Systems Integrator in Technology Implementations

A successful project depends on choosing the right systems integrator. Here are key questions to ask in your evaluation process.

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Driving Change through Customer Feedback

Driving Change through Customer Feedback

Brian Daniell, SVP of Deltek Customer Care, talks about the importance of using feedback from customers to drive change and improvement.

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SMB Keys to Winning Business Federal Market

Keys to Growing a Small Business in the Federal Market

The 4Cs—Capability, Customers & Partners, Contract Vehicles and Compliance—are visibly evident in every successful federal contractor I see. For small businesses that are serious about finding success and growth in the federal market, it’s time to take the 4Cs seriously.

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Organizational Change Management

Three Questions That Build a Stronger Change Management Plan

No matter the size or scope of your organization, ask these three questions before any ERP implementation or major organizational initiative. Read more…

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Gig Economy Changing the American Workforce

The Rise of the Gig Economy is Reshaping the American Workforce

By 2027, independent contractors are projected to become the majority of the workforce. Are you preparing? Do you have the tools, contracts, screening processes and structure in place to handle?

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Digital Transformation Changing the Way We Work

How Digital Transformation is Changing the Way We Work

Digital transformation continues at a faster and faster pace. Mike Scopa, Deltek SVP Engineering, discusses how it has changed the way we work and innovate for next gen customers.

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Year Up Opportunity for Youth

Working Together to Innovate and Bridge the Opportunity Divide

Deltek SVP of HR, Ed Hutner, recently accepted Year Up’s Pete Kuchli Urban Empowerment Award. Ed talks about Deltek’s collaboration with Year Up and the significant impact the program can have on businesses.

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