How ClearPeople Accelerated Their Digital Transformation with WorkBook

Posted by Deltek on March 18, 2021

An Interview with Barry Wakelin, Operations Director, ClearPeople

ClearPeople are experts in the modern digital workplace and believe that good technology can make the complicated simple. They work to develop software that supports collaboration and engagement for their customers in a modern, mobile-first, cloud-first world. So when they began shifting their business model to focus solely on development, delivery and sales of their own proprietary products, you can trust that they were going to make sure they had the right technology that would fit their modern culture, while streamlining process from end to end.

Like many companies making strides to transform their business, ClearPeople struggled to pull the reports they needed to make the strategic decisions that would help them optimize operations and continue to mature over time.  If they were going to effectively adapt to a new business model, and build a foundation for future growth, they knew it was vitally important that they get real-time visibility into capacity so that they could add more capacity when needed. They realized they needed a better project and resource management system to give them end-to-end visibility into what was going on in the organization at all times.

Having just been selected as one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in their sector, they knew they needed a robust solution, but because they had a lot on their plate, they didn’t have the appetite for a long, drawn-out implementation process and the change management that would go alongside. As a TrafficLIVE customer at the time, their Customer Success Team suggested they look into Deltek WorkBook, which would provide the feature-rich capabilities they needed to integrate operations, while accelerating their implementation by applying a purpose-built data migration from one Deltek product to the other. In addition, Deltek’s continual investment in its product roadmap gave them the confidence that WorkBook would be more than just software, but a partner they could grow with over time.

There was no question. WorkBook’s modern user experience was a perfect fit for their tech-savvy culture, which gave them the confidence that company-wide training and adoption wouldn’t be a challenge. And with a completely virtual implementation, they were able to get up and running quickly, and more efficiently than they had expected.

“We found [the virtual migration] invaluable because it allowed us to overcome issues really quickly. It was a lot simpler than having to wait for someone to come into the office at a particular time.”

Barry Wakelin, Operations Director, ClearPeople

Now, with Deltek WorkBook, ClearPeople gets the data and the powerful reporting they need to make strategic decisions to transform their business. They can now be confident in their ability to change and grow simultaneously, with better reporting on resource availability and utilization, which gives them the ability to highlight where there is spare capacity or put a business case together for additional resources when needed. Now that they’ve gained valuable visibility across the company, ClearPeople has been successfully able to pivot their operational model and take additional steps to modernize their business by saving corporate equity and going completely virtual. 


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About ClearPeople

ClearPeople develops and delivers Atlas, their award-winning digital workspace solution for Microsoft 365. Knowledge, communication and collaboration are beautifully brought together to engage and empower their clients’ teams, wherever they may be. ClearPeople is a Microsoft multiple Gold Partner and has received over 45 awards since 2013, including winner of the Nielsen Norman Group 20th annual best intranet design contest.



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