What's New in WorkBook 11

Posted by Regan Riddoch on July 31, 2019

Deltek Product Release Information

WorkBook version 11 is better than ever. It includes modern enhancements that allow you to enhance your integrations, give greater administrative control to the team and better manage purchase orders project billing.


System Management

Now you can implement webhooks for automated data flow to the tools you already have integrated with WorkBook. By setting up webhooks, you can optimize your integrations and trigger workflows when a specific event occurs in WorkBook. For example, you can create a webhook that triggers your Accounting system to know every time a new PO is created in WorkBook.

You can also give Advanced Users access to system settings and user management so that you don’t have to be the IT admin to manage some minor system settings.

Job management

Worried about billing out-of-scope activities to a retainer job? With WorkBook 11, you can collate all project costs within one retainer project and successfully bill for any out-of-scope activity. That way you can manage those incidental out-of-scope items that come up during the delivery of retainer work, wherever they occur, and bill them within the same retainer project.

Project Accounting

WorkBook 11 allows you to allocate and track vendor invoice costs against individual activities on purchase orders. And for customers with offices in the US, you can now add the city to your sales tax setup.

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