Expense Approvals at your Fingertips with Touch T&E 1.7

Posted by Teresa Nelson on July 25, 2016

Vision 7.6

Keep business moving forward when traveling without compromising your firm’s requirements or policies with expense approvals in Touch Time &Expense 1.7. Vision 7.6 includes a new expense approval engine with the ability to create custom approval processes, including the ability to create multi-tier approvals, conditional assignments, reassign approvals, and reject approvals. Touch T&E 1.7 also includes the same great features.

Upon opening Touch T&E 1.7, you will be automatically notified of submitted expense reports and timesheets for your approval.

Vision 7.6 Touch Expense Approvals

Your expense approval list will highlight the expenses awaiting your approval.

Vision 7.6 Touch Expense Approvals Review

Simply tap the first expense report to view the detail, including pictures of attached receipts.After reviewing an expense report, tap the Approve button to approve this expense report and automatically move to the next one. With just a few taps of the finger, you can quickly review and approve all expenses!

Vision 7.6 Touch Expense Approvals
Vision 7.6 Touch Expense Approvals

You also have the ability to reassign your approvals to someone else.

Vision 7.6 Touch Expense Approvals 

If necessary, you can reject an expense report and give a reason for the rejection. The employee will be automatically notified according to your approval configuration.


Note that your administrator must update to Vision 7.6 and Touch Server 1.7 in order to use expense approvals in Touch T&E 1.7.

Approving expenses has never been so easy!  With the addition of expense approvals, you can quickly approve all your expenses and timesheets wherever and whenever convenient for you.


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