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Posted by Waymond Eng on March 19, 2021

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For those who travel, whether often or on the rare occasion, one thing is certain:  it’s a chore to fill out an expense report. Even though it is money coming back to you, most will put off this task until well after the trip and the longer the delay, the more difficult it will be to remember and piece together what expenses were incurred. Fortunately, Deltek Vantagepoint can help simplify this process.

Capture Expense Receipts Faster

With the Vantagepoint Time & Expense mobile app, there’s no need to wait to start your expense report. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) recognizes printed and handwritten text, making expense reports faster and more accurate. Users can simply take a picture of their receipt and a new expense line will automatically be created with most of the fields already filled in. Users then have the option to either create a new expense report or associate that line item with an existing expense report. Either way, there’s no longer the need to keep track of that receipt.

With ICR, you can crop the image or stitch multiple images together into one file

Easily Match Credit Card Expenses

In our latest release, you can automatically match credit card charges with expense items. This can be done from your desktop or mobile device. You will see the imported credit card charges and Vantagepoint will cross reference and compare. Users will simply confirm the matched expenses or reassign if needed, saving valuable time. You can also easily copy a credit card charge to create a new expense line.  

The dialog reflects a credit charge that is a match with an existing expense line

Additional Functionality to Simplify Expense Reporting

  • Expense reports started in the mobile app will automatically be available in Vantagepoint and can be edited, updated and submitted from the browser.
  • Click column headings to reorder the expense details in the grid. This is extremely useful for those with large expense reports with a lot of lines, to be able to re-sort to make sure you didn’t omit capturing an expense.
  • Reorder the columns in the grid, as well as pin and hide the columns that are not applicable for you. Reordering the columns by the critical date, project, or category and hiding columns such as those related to multi-currency and international travel will allow users to view and enter details more easily.

Reorder the columns and pin/hide columns to help you streamline your expense entry

With these new features in Vantagepoint, we are sure that this will help to simplify expense reports for all users.

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