SpecText and Product MasterSpec Updates

Posted by Denise McDaniel on February 16, 2021

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The Deltek Specification Solutions team has released updates for three of our key building product resources: SpecText, SpecText for e-SPECS and Product MasterSpec for e-SPECS.  

SpecText Value

If your AE firm manages infrastructure, civil, water, or wastewater projects, then you need SpecText in your toolbox. SpecText is the most comprehensive specifications library for infrastructure projects and offers a straightforward approach to writing technically correct, reliable specifications for your projects. You can always count on SpecText for:

  • Comprehensive technical specifications —Three-part, CSI-formatted specification text, editor’s notes, and section-by-section access to Supporting Documents.
  • Extensive background research —Unique Supporting Documents that provide in-depth analyses of product characteristics, application considerations, and sustainability discussions for every specification section.
  • Practice-specific and specialized libraries —More than 700 specification sections organized into specialty libraries for water, industrial wastewater, wastewater utilities, materials handling, and water treatment

SpecText 2021 First Update

The SpecText 2021 First Update is available to licensed SpecText customers for download from the Updates & Downloads section of the Deltek website. This update includes 25 Sections that have undergone specification coordination for compliance with MasterFormat® numbering and titling guidance in addition to an important new addition to the SpecText library in Division 33.

  • SpecText Division 33 New Addition:
    • 330533.16 HDPE Drainage Piping: New Section specifies HDPE corrugated plastic pipe, with single wall and double wall configurations, for surface and subsurface storm drainage applications, storm sewers, culverts, stormwater storage, water quality management, bell-and-spigot joint systems, fittings and couplings, bedding, and cover materials. This Section is common to more than one Section in this Division.

Visit the User Resources section of our website to find SpecText supporting documents, tables of contents, and standards organizations.

The Deltek team is also pleased to announce the SpecText for e-SPECS first update is available. Please contact your Deltek Customer Success Manager (CSM) for the appropriate download link. If the specific CSM contact is not known, please email CCCustomerSuccessAvitru@deltek.com for assistance.

Product MasterSpec Value

Product MasterSpec is a solution that customizes MasterSpec sections around a manufacturer’s product as a Basis of Design. As a manufacturer, instead of helping the AE edit a specification to make your product the Basis of Design, provide them with a tool that saves them time and money:  Product MasterSpec. Deltek’s team of professional specifiers work closely with representatives from the manufacturer to determine where their specification fits and provides guidelines to ensure the product meets Deltek’s high standards.

For AE firms, the key benefit to using a Product MasterSpec, is it saves significant staff editing time and can be based on a firm favorite manufacturer’s product(s). Being efficient with staff time has a direct impact on every AE’s profit when developing project bid/procurement and contract documents. Product MasterSpec is a public resource available at no cost to the AECO industry to research, identify and obtain product specifications as the Basis of Design for  building projects.

Product MasterSpec for e-SPECS Q4 2020 Update

The latest Product MasterSpec for e-SPECS Q4 2020 update contains 106 sections added from the beginning of October 2020 through the end of December 2020 as well as 248 sections previously only available in text format.

The Deltek team is committed to providing you with premier products to support your business. If you have questions about accessing SpecText, SpecText for e-SPECS and Product MasterSpec for e-SPECS, please contact the Deltek Customer Success Team by email: CCCustomerSuccessAvitru@deltek.com.


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Denise McDaniel is an experienced professional with a passion for helping AEC firms know more about their business and do more for their clients. As a Sr. Product Marketing Specialist, she leads the Deltek Specifications Solutions product positioning and messaging by providing key insights, benchmarks, and trends to A&E firms. Her experience working in both the software technology sector and for a general contractor/construction management firm brings a unique perspective to the Deltek Specifications product line.



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