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Posted by Sheri Shaw on September 2, 2020

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Software is only as good as the individual’s understanding of its functionalities and capabilities… So how can you ensure your team members are maximizing your Deltek Specification Solutions software investment? In one word: training. By providing your team with software training, they'll benefit from increased knowledge and therefore, increased usability. With increased knowledge and usability your team members will maximize the software’s abilities and increase efficiencies.

Due to numerous requests for more training on specific topics we are pleased to be able to expand the training that we have available for e-SPECS software. Listed below are the upcoming training opportunities as well as what is currently available.

Current e-SPECS Training Options

e-SPECS Essentials covers the best practices on authoring, reviewing and issuing Project Manuals. In order to gauge understanding, quizzes are embedded at the end of each segment. Viewers of the e-SPECS Essentials videos have the ability to bypass quizzes when returning to review a specific topic. The tutorials are separated into 12 specific topics with the total time to complete them being approximately one hour. The completion of e-SPECS Essentials is a prerequisite for live one-on-one training.

The live trainings are broken into four separate training sessions each with a specific topic, e-SPECS Project Training, e-SPECS Designer, and e-SPECS Revit Integration Modules provide valuable training for new customers. Customizable hands-on sessions, to meet firm's specific needs, are also available. Included in all live sessions are a 1-hour follow-up session to address any firm specific questions or roadblocks. In order to achieve optimal interaction between the trainer and customer's staff, sessions are limited to 30 people per session.

Fall Training Workshops

As a response to customers requesting training that is outside of and beyond the standard sessions there will be Fall workshop sessions on specific topics in a webinar format in October. Each session will vary in topic and length. The workshops that have been selected were chosen to review key functionality or to highlight topics which are not currently covered in the live one-on-one training session agendas. Registration for sessions will be through Deltek University.

Preview of Training Workshops at Insight

During Deltek Virtual Insight 2020 on September 15-16, we will provide a sneak peek of the e-SPECS workshops during three sessions that showcase the e-SPECS training offerings. The Fall Training Workshops will provide an overview of the upcoming workshops. Additional sessions will drill down into using Template & Reference Projects with focus on when to use a template or reference project, the differences in functionality between the two, and step by step demonstrations of each. The Project Criteria Tag Functionality session will review what project criteria tags are, and utilizing the functionality at both the project level and master level.

Four October Workshops

Keynotes:  The workshop on the 15th will cover keynote functionality. Key topics in this workshop will include, the section checklist and keynote automation, project specific keynotes and Master keynote editing.

Preformatting Sections & Fine Tuning a Section:  The workshops on the 20th will be consecutive. The first one will focus on preformatting sections. Topics that will be covered are customizing Word settings to aid in preformatting files for import at the project or master level, demonstrating applying e-SPECS styles to a section, and how the structure of a section impacts the creation of a section checklist at the master level and reporting of content in projects. The session that will follow will be about fine tuning a section. This session will address how to automate the formatted section in e-SPECS Designer. The workshop will cover the rules of autotagging, importing a custom section and refining the checklist, as well as modifying the e-SPECS Ignore bin.

Creating Special Tags:  The final workshop will be on the 29th, this session will focus on automating sections at the Master level in e-SPECS Designer by creating specialized tags. This will show users ways to further automate sections "beyond the autotagger." In the workshop we will discuss creating Default-On, Exclusive, Disabled, Project Criteria, and Requisite tags in a section and the best practices for each.

Future Workshop Topics>

There are some workshops that have been tentatively scheduled for early 2021. They include, a review of the e-SPECS Permission Utility, a demonstration of updating a custom office master section, integrating with the SpecIntact (Unified Facilities Guide Specification), and a step-by-step demonstration of integrating with Revit.

We are eager to help our customers utilize their e-SPECS software investment by providing you with quality training and continually listening to what topics are requested and questions most often asked. Keep a lookout for specific dates for the 2021 workshops and utilize Deltek University to sign up to attend e-SPECS training.


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