MasterSpec First Update 2020

Posted by Denise McDaniel on March 31, 2020

Whats New in MasterSpec

The MasterSpec® First Update 2020 is now available to licensed MasterSpec customers for cloud access through SpecBuilder Cloud and for download from the Updates & Downloads section of the Deltek website.

MasterSpec Update Summary

This first release of the year contains 54 Sections, including 11 full technical updates, 6 new Sections, and selective revisions to technical topics across the MasterSpec library.

New electrical Sections addressing supplemental and facility performance requirements include 260010 Supplemental Requirements for Electrical, which specifies supplemental requirements and reference information applicable to the Work specified in Division 26, and 260011 Facility Performance Requirements for Electrical. 260011 specifies seismic-load, wind-load, and other field conditions criteria applicable to the products and installation requirements for the electrical Work on a project.

New to the MasterSpec Library

  • 014339 Mockups: Section specifies elaborate mockups that incorporate the Work of multiple Sections, including integrated exterior mockups, preconstruction laboratory mockups, and room mockups. These specialty mockups were previously specified in 014000 Quality Requirements, but requirements are now removed to this Section and expanded. Other types of mockups remain in 014000 and technical Sections as before.
  • 087813 All-Glass-Entrance Hardware: Section offers specifiers greater design flexibility when specifying all-glass-entrance hardware. It includes fittings, accessory fittings, and door hardware for interior or exterior all-glass applications such as all-glass doors, sidelites and transoms, and all-glass storefront.

  • MPI versions of interior painting and intumescent painting specifications: 099124 Interior Painting (MPI Standards) specifies interior painting by referencing MPI standard painting systems and approved products. 099647 Intumescent Painting (MPI Standards) specifies fire-retardant intumescent coatings for reducing flame-spread index of combustible substrates by referencing MPI standard painting systems and approved products.

Updates to MasterSpec: Sustainability and Existing Sections

In addition, the Q1 MasterSpec release reflects continued efforts to update the MasterSpec sustainability database, including new content for LEED v.1, and to add non-MPI versions of the painting Sections to the library:

  • 099123 Interior Painting: Interior painting specified by naming manufacturers and products.
  • 099646 Intumescent Painting: Fire-retardant intumescent coatings for reducing flame-spread index of combustible substrates; specified by naming manufacturers and products.

Noteworthy in this release are the following updates to existing Sections:

  • 018113.33 Sustainable Design Requirements - IgCC/ASHRAE 189.1 specifies general requirements and procedures related to the International Green Construction Code powered by ASHRAE 189.1.
  • 047200 Cast Stone Masonry includes TMS standards for cast stone and related updates in accordance with current recommendations of the Cast Stone Institute.
  • 262500 Low-Voltage Enclosed Bus Assemblies (formerly, "Enclosed Bus Assemblies") has been updated for better coordination with new Section 260010 Supplemental Requirements for Electrical and to conform with MasterFormat® 2018 titling guidance. Additionally, 262500 globally updated or removed definitions, qualification data submittals, qualifications, field conditions, and field quality-control testing agency requirements.

MasterSpec Sections continue to receive technical revisions based on subscriber feedback. Please continue to use the link at the top of each MasterSpec Section to submit feedback or questions related to MasterSpec content.

Please visit the User Resources section of our website to find MasterSpec Supporting Documents, Tables of Contents, and Standards Organizations.

For questions about downloading files from our website or running the installations for MasterSpec, please reach out to our support team by visiting You may reference knowledge article 100050 or open a support ticket and a Customer Care Analyst will assist you. If your license has expired, please contact us to renew your license.

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