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Posted by Megan Miller on July 9, 2020

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Managing projects requires flexibility and agility to adjust to internal and client-driven changes. Project managers need to have the right details on what work has been done and what is still in progress to determine if assignments need to change or adjustments need to be made. With the release of Ajera 9.4, project managers have better control over project assignments and can easily communicate changes to project teams. This release also makes it easier to stay in contact with clients and manage your project information – all with the end goal of improving client satisfaction.


It’s critical to know who is working on which projects at any given time so you can confidently assign the right people to the next project. With schedule manager in Ajera, you can schedule resources by project and employee on a weekly basis so teams know where they need to focus.

Now, project managers can spread remaining hours for projects, making it easier for project managers to keep projects moving forward with the right number of hours allotted for team members. These improvements allow project managers to evenly allocate remaining hours to weeks between the selected dates and can use this tool at the outset of the project or mid-stream to adjust.

Deltek Ajera Schedule Manager

Once updates are made to the project schedule, project teams can monitor their assigned projects and tasks with the new “My Scheduled Hours” widget, making it easy for teams to view assignments and keep projects on track.

Deltek Ajera Schedule Manager Widget

If you haven’t used schedule manager, it’s time to take a second look.


With Ajera as the single source for project management and accounting information in your firm, users have requested that the number of contacts increase for key areas of the solution.  Now, in Ajera 9.4, you can have up to 20 contacts for clients, vendors, projects and within business development phases. This enables your teams to expand not only the number of contacts, but the reach of the Ajera solution within the company and eliminate the need for ancillary spreadsheets or systems to manage contacts.

For Ajera users that have Vantagepoint CRM or Deltek Project Information Management, you can now have unlimited contacts for clients and vendors that will seamlessly sync between the solutions making it easier for your business developers and project managers to keep client and contact information updated and accurate.


As with every release, there are some usability improvements that address common requests from users. To improve credit card management, you can now delete credit card items that are not associated with an expense or bank entry.

Users can also now save their preferred sort and filter options for timesheets and expense reports in the browser. For example, if users only want to see timesheets for the last 90 days or want to see rejected timesheets first, they can filter the columns in timesheets and the next time they go into timesheets the filters will still be applied, making it easier to find what they need each time they need their timesheet or expense report in the browser.


If you are interested in learning more about these new features and enhancements, check out the Q2 Quarterly Ajera Town Hall where you can see a deep dive on the schedule manager enhancements and hear more about the other features of the release.


Ajera Town Hall Q2 2020

Check out the latest Ajera customer town hall

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Also, this year’s Deltek Insight conference will be virtual and is available complimentary to our Deltek customers. The Deltek Ajera team is working to create a track that will enhance your knowledge of Ajera and help you better manage your business with your solution. You won’t want to miss this event so mark your calendars for September 15-16, 2020 for Virtual Deltek Insight.


Virtual Deltek Insight - Sept. 15-16, 2020

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