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Posted by Megan Miller on April 17, 2020

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Project teams are constantly evolving and as teams become more remote, companies need to adapt and adjust to meet the demand. Deltek is committed to supporting your remote teams to improve productivity, optimize utilization and help maintain cash flow. Are you taking advantage of all Ajera has to offer to support your teams?


Keeping remote employees connected to help teams know which projects are priority, what tasks are outstanding and how much time they have been assigned to each project. Enabling collaboration and communication around the projects allows your teams to adjust more quickly and work together seamlessly. Ajera Schedule Manager allows project managers to more effectively manage employee assignments, know which employees have capacity and keep employees informed about project assignment changes. As project requirements and client demands change and evolve, you can ensure optimal utilization to keep projects on track. 

Ajera Schedule Manager 


As project schedules or requirements change, feel confident that you know what your teams are working on so you can easily adjust or pivot. With Ajera, you can keep remote workers focused on the right projects so you can keep projects on track regardless of where team members are located. Ajera’s Project Command Center gives project managers timely project data so they know how a project is performing and can adjust mid-project, if needed, all while keeping teams informed. Project managers can actively monitor project profitability and expenses to keep schedules and budgets on track to make sure teams are getting paid for the work they deliver. 

Now is the time to make sure project managers are proactively sharing project assignments, deadlines and budgeted hours with remote workers so there is no impact to project delivery and your teams can be more responsive to changing client needs.

Deltek Ajera Project Manager Dashboard 


When it comes to project-based businesses, cash flow is critical, but as projects change and more employees are remote, maintaining cash flow can be a challenge. Now is the time to re-examine your financial processes and adapt to your remote workforce with a more paperless environment. If you aren’t taking advantage of Ajera’s browser-based or mobile timesheets and expense reports, it’s time to make them available for your teams so they can quickly and easily update their projects and give project managers better insight into project performance. Ajera also empowers your teams to approve timesheets, expense reports and draft invoices digitally to help keep the billing process moving. Ajera users should also take advantage of emailing client statements to reduce time during the collection process and importing credit card transactions to improve the accuracy of expense reports and decrease reconciliation time. It’s time to eliminate the paper-based processes and streamline your cash flow.

Deltek Ajera Accounting Dashboard  


Companies are facing challenges supporting remote teams, maintaining current IT infrastructure with limited resources and dealing with unexpected hardware issues. If you aren’t running Ajera in the Cloud, it’s time to take another look. By moving to the Deltek Cloud, your company can keep your business running from any location. Let Deltek focus on providing complete disaster recovery and business continuity in a secure environment so you can focus on what you do best - delivering exceptional projects. It’s time to take Ajera to the cloud. Learn more about moving Ajera to the Cloud by watching this on-demand webinar and see if you are eligible for a limited time offer to move to the cloud more easily than ever.


Deltek is committed to supporting your business and that goes beyond Ajera. Partner with Deltek to find more projects, engage your employees, improve your solutions and more. 

Monitor Government Funding and Spending

As markets and client priorities change, keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with new contracts, where the money is going and what potential projects are a good fit for your company with Deltek GovWin IQ. Whether it’s federal, state or local spending, let Deltek help you monitor potential projects and better position your company to win. And, with a seamless integration to Vantagepoint CRM, you can go from finding new projects to managing the pursuit with a click of a button.  

Your People Need You

Keeping remote employees engaged can be a challenge, but Deltek Talent Management helps keep teams not only engaged, but helps them thrive. Now is the time to leverage continuous feedback and more frequent project-focused check-ins to stay in close contact with your employees. You can also provide opportunities for focused learning to cross train employees and invest in their future while preparing them for the next big project. 

On-Demand Learning

More than just software, Deltek is a partner that is committed to help your business thrive. That’s why we provide career development plans through Deltek Talent Management and deliver continuous learning opportunities through the Deltek Learning Zone that is accessible 24/7 and allows individual learning experiences to meet the needs of your teams. With visual infographics, click guides and self-paced learning options, we provide your teams flexibility to choose the option that suits them best.

Limited Time Offer: Get certified on Deltek Ajera at no cost through June 30, 2020. Product certification study materials and exam are available at no cost to Deltek customers for a limited time. 


Virtual Services & Support

Deltek is committed to ensuring your business can rely on us and that you receive the highest quality service, without disruption. Our globally distributed workforce is already accustomed to leveraging collaborative technologies to work remotely. The Deltek Support Center is accessible any hour of any day, every day of the week, giving you access to a number of online resources when you need them most. 

Deltek’s Global Consultants are prepared to work with you and your team to build a scalable project plan and training schedule, which can be executed virtually. Leverage our consulting teams’ extensive product and industry knowledge to design the right solution for your needs, all in a remote setting. Contact the Ajera Consulting team today for more details.

Deltek Support Center 


As you evaluate your remote workforce readiness, we’re here to help. Whether you need to improve your current processes, are looking for additional functionality to support your business or want to learn more about the Deltek Cloud, contact your Customer Success Manager or  Account Manager to help better support your remote workers. 

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