Flexible Sales Reporting for Your Construction Business

Posted by Brian Heil on June 5, 2020

Construction Sales Team Reviewing Sales Reports


Deltek + ComputerEase’s QTool Custom Report Writer has enabled contractors to easily create, save, and re-use custom reports for different departments and audiences for many years.

We are excited to announce the addition of new custom sales reports for the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module in QTool that was included in the recent Spring Enhancements Release

Contractors can now create custom sales reports that can be saved on the contractor’s Workflow Menu for easy access and future use.

New QTool Sales Report Writer

Custom sales reporting with the new CRM reports in QTool

Easily Create Custom Sales Reports

Within QTool, a contractor can create custom sales reports at the Company, Contact, Opportunity, and Task level.

Opportunity-Level Sales Report in QTool

Custom Opportunity Sales Report

Company Sales Reports

In order for contractors to get a high-level understanding of the companies they work with currently or are pursuing, Deltek + ComputerEase now allows contractors to create custom company sales reports to capture information such as lead source, company type (e.g. prospect, customer, vendor), contact information, and more.

Contact Sales Reports

For various reasons, contractors need the ability to access sales contact data such as names, emails, phone numbers, and job titles. Now Deltek + ComputerEase offers contractors the ability to create and save custom contact sales reports.

Opportunity Sales Reports

The lifeblood of any contractor's sales organization is the health of the sales pipeline. Now contractors can create and save custom sales opportunity reports to capture the state of various sales pipelines. 

Task Sales Reports

Sales is a numbers game often driven by activity. Contractors can now leverage custom task sales reports to better stay on-top of sales activity and drive bottom line outcomes. 

Customize the Data Included per Report

Each type of sales report created in QTool can be specifically designed to include or not include certain information. Often times, contractors don’t require all of the data that may be included in a particular Opportunity, Task, Contact, or Company. With the ability to choose specific data to be included per report, contractors can easily create sales reports from high-level to comprehensive to serve various audiences and objectives.

Pick Data to Include for Each Sales Report

Pick what data to include per sales report

Full Reporting Flexibility with User-Defined Fields

Within Deltek + ComputerEase, contractors can create user-defined fields to accommodate the unique metrics that a contractor may need to track. Contractors can utilize these user-defined fields to report on the metrics specific to their business within QTool.

User Defined Fields in the CRM Module

Create custom fields that you can report on with the new QTool capabilities

Export Sales Reports as Ready-to-Use Excel Documents

While reviewing reports within Deltek + ComputerEase may be the best experience for most within a contractor’s organization, many contractors need the flexibility to generate these reports in Excel. QTool enables contractors to export any custom sales report into a ready-to-use Excel document in one click.

Export to Excel from QTool Report Writer

Excel export output from QTool

Establish Custom Sales Reports on the Workflow Menu

Contractors can drag-and-drop saved QTool reports on the contractor’s Workflow Menu making them easy to access and use in the future.

QTool Sales Reports on the Workflow Menu

Save custom sales reports on the Workflow Menu

What’s Next

Deltek + ComputerEase is dedicated to delivering features that allow contractors to effectively run their business by leveraging construction accounting best practices and providing flexibility to meet the needs of each specific construction business. While the new custom sales reporting capabilities from the recent Spring Enhancements Release is just one example of this, contractors can continue to expect improvements in these capabilities in future releases.


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