A Guide to Strategically Doing Business with the Navy

Posted by Nick Schiffler on September 7, 2018

Deltek B2G Blog: Navy

Deltek recently hosted a webinar highlighting how to best do business with the Navy, including updates to the agency’s organizational structure, the upcoming budget outlook, and top procurement and contract spending trends. That presentation is available for all to download and view on demand.

Hosted by Deltek Advisory Research Analyst John Slye and Research Analyst Kara Crowe, the webinar provides a look at some of the biggest challenges facing the Navy in terms of government contracting for the remainder of 2018 and beyond, by leveraging the valuable market intelligence that GovWin IQ offers. It also provides access to valuable resources, such as solution guides for both federal and SLED (state and local) government contractors.

Two of the key management challenges facing the Navy are maintaining stable funding (a key for many federal government agencies) and the need to maintain balance and scalability across various naval capability areas, to avoid over-investing in one area while not funding one area adequately. Prospective vendors would do well to keep each of these challenges in mind.

Here are two of the strategic contracting goals for the Navy that the webinar highlights:

  • Building a larger fleet of 355 ships, 15% above the previous goal of 308
  • Investing in more modern technologies, including directed energy, lasers, and AI (artificial intelligence)

Outside of these opportunities, the Navy have several specific priorities when it comes to contracting in FY 2019 and beyond. The agency as a whole offers a great deal of potential business to federal government contractors.

1,100+ Navy Opportunities

Available in GovWin IQ over 12 months

One recent example was a tracked opportunity for “Boat Preventative Maintenance and Repairs” released by the Naval Supply Systems Command, specifically the Fleet Logistics Center in Norfolk. According to GovWin IQ’s market intelligence, the project has an estimated value of $400K and contains set-asides for small businesses.

If your firm is selling to the government and targeting agencies within or outside of the Navy, GovWin IQ has you covered. The federal market intelligence offered by GovWin IQ includes key features that can help your business in its federal government sales pursuits, such as:

  • Comprehensive market intelligence — real-time information, updates on relevant opportunities from start to finish, and expert research analysis
  • In-depth customer profiles — detailed agency profiles, up-to-date organizational charts, and highlights of the latest technology trends
  • Contacts — reliable contact information and useful data about prime contractors to find partners and get a leg up on the competition

Request a free trial to see for yourself how GovWin IQ’s market intelligence works. Or register to view the on-demand webinar, Navy Strategic Outlook for 2018 and Beyond, to give you the information you need to better do business with the Navy.

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