Research and Development Software Solutions

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The research industry is getting more and more crowded by the day. That means increased competition and an ever-growing push toward profitability. Add in the constant threat of the commoditization of services, and it's no surprise that firms have to do more to stand out and win business. They can no longer run at a loss to "make it up on the next project" because the next project is far from guaranteed. On top of that, the industry is constantly competing for the best talent, which requires devoting more resources to find and fill key positions. Where can the industry turn for help?

More firms are turning to Deltek ERP for Research and Development (R&D) firms for the visibility needed to effectively plan research resources, control required to help manage costs and insight crucial to make informed decisions. There are robust CRM tools to help you track opportunities and win more business. Project management tools give you complete visibility over the cost, status and utilization of every project, leading to more profits for your firm. And our talent management solutions help you attract, train and grow your employees — the most important part of your company.