Women at Deltek: Bringing a Different Perspective to the Government Contracting Industry

March 08, 2022
Women in the Workplace

There’s no question; there has been a significant focus on women in the workplace throughout the last several years. Whether it’s how the pandemic has impacted working women, or how women continue to be under represented in leadership positions – companies are struggling to attract and retain talented employees while providing opportunities for growth and development.

Deltek believes the most innovative ideas come from individuals with different perspectives and backgrounds. With 70% of our recent leadership hires being women, we are setting the example of what gender diversity in the workplace can look like and how it is a vital part of our culture.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are honored to recognize how #TeamDeltek employees are challenging industry norms, bringing awareness to the programs and resources that support women in the workplace and demonstrating the value that a diverse and inclusive culture can provide.

Challenging Industry Norms

Carey Webster knows what it means to be a leader in a male-dominated industry like government contracting. She started her career working for a government contractor in a sales role in 2001 to learn more about the space. A few years later, she decided that her talents could be better utilized in a different capacity, so she applied for a research analyst position at INPUT. In 2010, Webster joined Deltek as part of the INPUT acquisition and has focused on providing market intelligence to the government contracting industry for more than 17 years. Today, as Senior Director of Federal Research in Deltek’s Information Solutions business unit, Carey leads a team of research analysts focused on GovWin IQ’s federal products.

Being a woman hasn’t deterred Webster or any of her leadership team. All six of Webster’s direct reports are managers ─ and female. They also all have different backgrounds and life experiences that provide unique perspectives. “We’re all women, and we lead the teams responsible for the products that are considered the market standard in the federal contracting space. We’re an example of what a strong team can look like if bias is addressed,” said Webster.

When asked about her teams’ background, she shared that several team members have worked at federal contractors, while others have research experience and another has an operations background ─ all of which allow these government contracting experts to look at things slightly differently. As a manager, Webster has found that when everyone has similar backgrounds, they tend to think the same, which can potentially stall innovation. However, when you gather people with diverse experiences and perspectives, you can challenge the status quo and spark creativity.

The federal contracting space is vast and complicated. “My responsibilities cover a broad range of IQ products, people and systems, so strong management and innovative thinking in my leadership team is critical. To be successful, every part of this machine must work in tandem, with high standards. My team does just that,” shared Webster. Each manager also has different specialty areas within the space, from small business concerns to specific markets. Adding, “The collective knowledge of these women and their teams allow us to successfully provide the products and data needed to service the various companies and roles within the GovWin client-base.”

IWD 2022

Supporting Women at Deltek

Deltek started its first employee resource group (ERG) in 2017 with the launch of Women @ Deltek ─ created to support women in the workplace ─ and has continued adding employee communities, such as Pride @ Deltek, Black Voices @ Deltek, Veterans @ Deltek, and others throughout the years. The formation of these ERGs provides organized venues for conversations about diversity and inclusion for all employees to participate. When asked about her involvement in Deltek’s ERGs, Webster said, “I’ve found the Women @ Deltek educational sessions valuable for validating my experiences and providing insight into issues women face in the workplace.”

In addition to safe spaces to inspire and engage employees, Deltek also offers a variety of educational programs; from learning paths to mentorship programs, designed to guide both men and women throughout their professional journey ─ while preparing them for their next career move.

“I’ve had mentors throughout my career that have been pivotal to my success. While I recommend everyone have a mentor, I can’t stress enough the importance of also having strong peer relationships. I’m fortunate to work with a group of really smart and talented peers I can utilize to bounce ideas off of, get different perspectives and share lessons learned,” said Webster. “I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention my team. I wouldn’t be successful without their hard work and dedication.”

As a woman who has been supporting the government contracting industry for over a decade, Webster shared the following advice, “Don’t be afraid to apply for a manager position if that’s what you want. You’re probably more qualified than you think. Plenty has been written about women believing they need to check every box before applying for a position versus a man. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that most of the women in management I know were either approached or persuaded to apply for the position. And remember, if you don’t get the job, continue applying. I didn’t get the first management position I applied for. Keep trying. Someone will see your potential.”

A Winning Workplace Culture

Deltek is committed to creating a workplace our employees and customers can be proud of, which is why it is important to us that each member of Deltek Project Nation understands that they will be treated with respect, inclusivity and appreciation ─ and that every employee has the opportunity to pursue their professional interests and grow their careers.


Women at Deltek

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