What's New in the WorkBook Mobile App

March 16, 2022
Product Update

With the latest release of the WorkBook mobile app, users can continue to accomplish their daily tasks in an easier way from anywhere. This version includes user experience enhancements in the “About WorkBook” page and Time Entry view, as well as push notifications for Android users that can help them stay more productive with less effort.

Help and Support Links

For mobile app users that need to access the WorkBook Product Portal, Info Center or Deltek Support, the new “About WorkBook” page provides quick links from the app itself. This way users can quickly and easily access the support they need to read Knowledge Base articles, watch how-to videos, read Release Notes and contact WorkBook support.

WorkBook mobile Help


Time Entry Status Indicators

With this release, WorkBook mobile app users can better understand which of their time entries are approved and which are still pending. Now a new status indicator will be visible on each time entry letting users know if it has been approved or not. This helps users get a better idea of their overall timesheet status in real-time.

WorkBook Mobile Time Entry Status


New Android Push Notifications

Android users can now receive push notifications from the WorkBook app. If the WorkBook app is closed and a message is received, a notification from the sender and the first lines of the message will be shown as a native notification on their mobile phone. The user also has the option to turn off push notifications in the settings of the WorkBook application.

This makes the user experience for Android users that much better as they no longer need to open the app to check for messages in WorkBook Conversations. They will simply get a notification that helps them stay up to date on all their WorkBook conversations without having to think about it.

WorkBook Mobile Convo to Android

WorkBook Android Notification

Learn more about version 2.1.747 by reading the Release Notes for Android or iOS.