What’s New in Deltek Talent Management 17.0

June 23, 2022

According to the most recent Deltek Clarity Industry Reports, employee retention has become the primary human capital management challenge for both the A&E and Government Contracting industries. This is why it is more important than ever that project-based businesses transform the way they manage their workforce with Deltek Talent Management. With the release of version 17.0, the amazing Talent Management product team was able to deliver valuable enhancements throughout each module with the continuation of modernization, improved user experience, continuity and consistency between the modules and a few customer requested enhancements.

Let’s dive into some of these improvements:

Easily Integrate with Vantagepoint via Deltek Unionpoint

There is a new productized integration to better connect Deltek Talent Management and Deltek Vantagepoint via the Deltek Unionpoint Platform. For those utilizing the Full Suite of modules in Talent Management, your new-hire, onboarding, termination, and employee information will seamlessly flow from Talent to Vantagepoint, keeping Resource data accurate and up to date. For those who do not have Core HR, employee information changes and terminations made in Vantagepoint will be quickly updated in Talent.


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Current customers who already leverage the seamless connection between Deltek Talent Management and Deltek Vantagepoint will receive communication from Deltek on when their systems will be upgraded. This new, tighter integration will streamline and improve how data is processed between the two Deltek solutions.

Core Framework

Staying on the path of improved user experience, Deltek Talent continues with updates to the UI for a more intuitive and modernized look and feel. When Users login, the dashboard “Alerts” will no longer be displayed as a red box across the page as they have been moved to a new button with an indicator of the number of items the user needs to be aware of. Additionally, more graphs and charts have been updated to the new design with brighter colors and more legible data that is visually appealing.

One of the key trends continued in 2022 to have a successful engaged workforce, companies must rely on employee feedback. Talent Management introduces a new Survey Tool that is part of the Core solution at no additional charge. A company that demonstrates interest, exhibits concern in what its employees have to say will improve culture and boost morale with results based on employee feedback.


The Talent Acquisition module has a solid foundation of features that helps you attract top talent so in 17.0 we took the opportunity to focus on feature and functionality consistency. Such enhancements included rearranging and adding columns to the Onboarding Task Widget to mirror the Onboarding Queue page. When a user navigates from one area to another, the view does not change.

When a job seeker applies to a requisition, uploads their resume, cover letter or other attachments, the date will be indicated with the newest documents sorted to the top of the list. This is similar to the Resume Dashboard > Information tab enhancement that was completed with our 16.4 release.

Additionally, we have added an Onboarding Manual Task Reminder to nudge task owners. This will help speed along Onboarding sessions so that employees can get started in their new role on time and projects become billable.

Core HR

Customers that have Deltek’s Core HR module will benefit from the new Pronouns feature as this is a key piece of information to promote their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion culture and initiatives. Administrators will have the ability to enable the feature and add custom values in addition to the default values provided out of the box.


With employee engagement, appreciation, and human connection being more important than ever, Talent will now offer a new “Like and Comment” feature for companywide Employee Recognition posts. Employees that receive feedback from their peers and are acknowledged through praise, feel valued which improves team performance and retention rates.

As part of our ongoing commitment to cleanup Talent Management’s user interface, we decided to remove various Performance features that were no longer in use or supported. A list of these features can be found in our 17.0 Release Notes documentation as of June 27. Additionally, we relocated two settings which make them easier to find and configure.


Now, the course descriptions in the RedVector file, Deltek Talent’s learning content partner product by Vector Solutions, will be added upon course upload to reduce manual entry.

Read & Sign Courses will now preserve historical data with new versioning functionality. This is great for retaining employee course history without deleting documents that should be retained with the employee’s profile. This also allows administrators to keep one course and simply swap out content when needed in order to reduce the need to create new courses every time there is a change in content.

Deltek Learning Zone

DLZ customers will now have the ability to generate a single registration link for employees so that the point of contact no longer has to invite or add employees manually. This link can be placed anywhere by the point of contact to allow employees to click the link, register, and be quickly engaged in learning content.

Deltek Talent Management is continuously enhancing existing functionality as well as bringing you new features to accomplish your Human Capital Management (HCM) goals. Deltek Talent Management evolves with every release to help you refine your HCM processes, enhance your entire talent experience, increase daily performance for greater efficiency and we’re excited you will be able to achieve these things with our 17.0 release.

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