Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Tips for Draft Invoice Approvals, Services to Help Customer Upgrade and More

April 19, 2022
Megan Miller
Director of Product Marketing

Customer town halls are part of our commitment to ensure users have the latest information about their solutions, can get tips and tricks from the experts and can get updates about what’s happening with Deltek. In the March 2022 town hall, Deltek Vision users learned about a new product feedback tool coming for Deltek users, how to use Vantagepoint’s draft invoice approvals to expedite cashflow and new consulting services to help customers upgrade to Vantagepoint. Attendees also learned tips for better leveraging the Deltek Support Center and learned how to better empower users with the Deltek Learning Zone. 


Vision Town Hall Q1 2022

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Deltek Idea Portal: A New Way to Provide Product Feedback

Senior Product Director Melissa Coffey provides a demonstration of the new Deltek Idea Portals, a customer-centric online tool where you can share your ideas directly with the product team, discuss ideas with your peers and vote on other ideas. The Idea Portals will give you a platform to help facilitate the direction of your Deltek solution to power your project-based business.

The new tool is expected to go live in May 2022. To learn more, watch this webinar and keep an eye on future Deltek Vision blogs.

Draft Invoice Approvals

As Vision users continue to prepare for their upgrade to Vantagepoint, the product management team gave a glimpse into one of the new enhancements to expedite cash flow. In this town hall, see a demonstration of how to set up the draft invoice approvals process in Vantagepoint. Highlights include how project managers can update the transaction billing status and fee percent complete, as well as add comments and receive notifications, if the administrator has provided access to do so.

For comparison purposes, the team demonstrated how much easier the process works within Vantagepoint, including recent enhancements that include visibility of invoice details from the dashboard and the ability to digitally markup draft invoices to further improve collaboration.

New Vantagepoint Upgrade Resources Site

Melissa also highlights a new resource available to Vision customers as they continue to prepare for their upgrade to Vantagepoint. The Vantagepoint Upgrade Resources site provides a single location for valuable content about what’s new in the latest Vantagepoint release, easy access to the Vantagepoint readiness portal, details about the Customer Assistance Program (CAP), upcoming upgrade dates and much more.

Introducing Deltek Launch Care for Small Businesses

Amanda de Young, senior manager of consulting, introduces Deltek’s Launch Care program to help Vision customers upgrade to Vantagepoint. The Launch Care program for Vision to Vantagepoint upgrades will help define a project plan, facilitate coordination and testing, perform the upgrade and provide go-live support. Additionally, the Launch Care team will stay engaged for continuity post-upgrade to provide a smooth upgrade across your business. If you are a small business and are looking for a little extra assistance to upgrade, don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this new offering.

For more information, watch this webinar or contact our Launch Care team to get started.

Enhancements to Customer Care Support

Adam Emery, director of customer care, unveils a significant change to your customer care support experience, based directly on your feedback. Deltek increased the number of annual support cases to 30 cases for our Standard Care Plan customers to help troubleshoot your problems and provide you with quick resolutions.

This enhancement is in addition to a variety of self-serve tools to help you find answers quickly. As a reminder, there are hundreds of Knowledge Base (KB) articles available in the Deltek Support Center. To learn more, watch this town hall. 

Deltek Learning Zone Update 

Damon Shratter demonstrates enhancements to the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ), which introduces two new widgets on the main dashboard that help users stay on track with their enrolled courses and find new learning paths to help users get the most out of Vision.