Vantagepoint Quarterly Town Hall Recap: New Features in the Latest Release, Tips for Successfully Merging Company Data and More

August 04, 2022
Megan Miller
Director of Product Marketing

The Quarterly Town Halls are part of Deltek’s ongoing commitment to keep users updated on the latest releases of their solutions and what’s happening with Deltek. During the Q2 2022 Town Hall for Deltek Vantagepoint, users learned about what’s new in Vantagepoint, how to successfully consolidate data after a merger or acquisition, how to submit product ideas through the new idea portal and much more. If you missed this town hall, watch it on demand.

Deltek Idea Portals: A New Way to Provide Product Feedback

Senior Director of Product Management Melissa Coffey highlighted the brand new Deltek Idea Portals, a customer-centric online tool where you can share your ideas directly with the product team, discuss ideas with your peers and vote on other ideas. The Idea Portal provides a platform to help facilitate the direction of your Deltek solution to power your project-based business. In its first month of release, the product team has received hundreds of enhancement ideas and feedback from customers. To learn more, watch this webinar and read this blog.

What’s New in Deltek Vantagepoint

In this town hall, the product team demonstrated some exciting features in the latest release of Deltek Vantagepoint. Based on customer feedback, this release includes improvements and enhancements for every user. From further automating financial processes and streamlining day-to-day interactions with Vantagepoint to simplifying business development/marketing activities and extending dashboards to manage project resources, this all-in-one solution now offers even more to make your everyday job easier. If you aren’t taking advantage of the latest new features and enhancements, be sure to watch this town hall and make plans to add them to your business processes soon.


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Ensuring Successful Data Consolidation After M&A Activity

Craig Stoll, senior consultant, discussed how to ensure a smooth transition when merging data across organizations after mergers and acquisitions (M&A). By implementing three key steps to clean data, merge data and optimize processes, businesses can set the stage for a successful transition. The Deltek Global Consulting team also can help make this process easier by exploring ways to help you improve business performance. For more information, reach out to Deltek Global Consulting or watch this webinar. Craig will also share a more in-depth look at this important topic at Deltek ProjectCon, so if this is relevant to your business today or in the future, be sure to register today.

Enhancements to Customer Support

Gary Smith, vice president of customer care, highlighted the support team members who have been efficiently responding to Vantagepoint support cases and who are now available to help 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. To reach this team, you can initiate a conversation in the Need Additional Assistance widget available within the Deltek Support Center or by emailing [email protected].

Gary discussed forthcoming changes within the Deltek Support Center to provide visibility into your submitted cases, as well as the increased number of annual support cases to 30 cases, for our Standard Care Plan customers, to help troubleshoot your problems and provide you with quick resolutions. As a reminder, there are hundreds of Knowledge Base (KB) articles available in the Deltek Support Center. To learn more, watch this town hall.

Deltek Learning Zone Update

Senior Curriculum Manager Adrian Griffiths reviewed recent updates available in the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ). These enhancements included efforts to minimize the steps required to view training courses, new widgets on the main dashboard that help users stay on track with their enrolled courses and new learning paths to help users get the most out of Deltek Vantagepoint. Additionally, the DLZ team has recently created new content related to the latest Vantagepoint release to better support your business. Watch this town hall to learn more.

Simplify Field Reports with Ajera and Deltek + ArchiSnapper

Attendees were also reminded about the power of Deltek’s latest acquisition – Deltek + ArchiSnapper – the leading field app for architects and engineers. When integrated with Vantagepoint, designers can quickly and easily create impressive field reports and complete site inspections from any mobile device. Watch this webinar for a demonstration of how Deltek + ArchiSnapper can help your business save time with field reports, punch lists and construction collaboration.


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