Feedback-Inspired Enhancements to Make Vantagepoint Easier to Use

February 11, 2022

The latest release of Vantagepoint is packed with some amazing usability enhancements, which are specifically driven by customer feedback and suggestions to make Vantagepoint easier to use. These are your great ideas! Enhancements include simplified editing, improved screen designer and more.

Because there are so many enhancements, we have created a video showing how great each feature is and how they can benefit your business. We hope you enjoy learning about and using these Vantagepoint features as much as the team enjoyed bringing them to life in the product!

Simplified Editing and Change Indicators

Improving the overall use of Vantagepoint, users can edit records more easily and see unsaved changes before saving a record.

Export to Excel

Users now can choose between Excel and CSV formats when exporting List View data.

Screen Designer Support: Require Row in Grids

Leverage the new required property for grids in the screen designer to ensure your users enter at least one row of data into the grid when creating records.

Screen Designer Support: Move Multiple Fields at a Time

Efficiently select and move multiple fields at a time to other tabs.

Multi-Select Dropdowns

Quickly select multiple values from the list in a dropdown or paste a string of values into a dropdown to quickly select items.

Select Accounting Period at Login

Users can opt to be prompted for an accounting period at login when more than one period is open.

Recolor Vantagepoint Title Bar

Set a unique color for the title bar to easily differentiate between your different sandbox databases or subsidiary companies.


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