The Agency Roadmap: Understanding the Impact of Integrated Technology on Agency Performance and Profitability

October 07, 2021

The past couple of months, this blog has highlighted specific areas to improve upon, invest in, and increase productivity within in order to optimize the performance and profitability of your marketing/advertising agency. An obvious component to any of those efforts, of making the implementation of any of our suggested strategies their most effective, is, of course, technology. 

The logic speaks for itself: If you are an agency hoping to stand out in today’s digitally dominant marketplace, you absolutely have to transform your internal processes and workflow procedures. Clients are expecting their agency partners to be innovative, to be at the leading edge of technological adoption. It’s the key to staying competitive.

Finding and implementing the right technology will help you take the lead on the core areas of agency proficiency introduced in this blog, and detailed in Deltek’s Agency Roadmap which you can download here.

Advantages include:

  • Breakthrough project visibility and best practice consistency,
  • Streamlined, client-centric business operation,
  • Optimized workforce performance

That all translates to improved profitability.

Agencies lagging behind the technological adoption curve typically struggle with a mix of incompatible work-management and communications platforms. They blend free or low-cost applications for their email, spreadsheets and project coordination. Some are still using physical job jackets. But the Mad Men days are definitely done. Those dusty approaches are simply not scalable, nor do they provide an accurate picture of agency health.


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In contemporary contrast, forward-thinking shops have realized that integrated agency management solutions can energize the new business pipeline, and provide critical visibility into and control of project, resource and financial processes. The right technology can also reveal previously unseen data and fresh insight about overall agency performance, all while enhancing the creative process.

With business momentum building, clients and prospects in countless industries are taking a hard look at how their agency partners have performed, re-assessing how ready they are to meet needs and deliver value with speed and efficiency. If your shop hasn’t taken an honest look at how well its technologies perform, especially in an integrated capacity, now’s the time.

Download Deltek’s Agency Roadmap now for guidance on what you need to be looking for, and direction on the right steps your advertising and marketing agency can start taking to gain an essential advantage in today’s marketplace.