Deltek’s Top Federal Contracting Opportunities for FY 2024

November 21, 2023
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At the start of every federal fiscal year, Deltek shares the Top Federal Opportunities for government contractors to know, and we’ve released those opportunities for FY 2024, the latest edition of our annual flagship series of webinars and reports.

The series examined the largest business opportunities expected to be offered by federal government agencies in the next twelve months, highlighting the federal bellwether contract opportunities that savvy businesses need to follow.


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Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2024

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Revealing FY 2024’s Top Federal Contracting Opportunities

Every year, Deltek’s Federal Market Analysis team behind the GovWin IQ product has produced a series of reports and webinars examining the leading federal contracting opportunities for each fiscal year. The FY 2024 edition of the series began with research covering the top 20 unrestricted federal opportunities, followed by the top 10 federal set-aside opportunities, the top 10 federal professional services opportunities and the top 10 federal AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) opportunities.

Each of this year’s opportunities were drawn from Deltek’s GovWin IQ platform of business development intelligence on government contracting opportunities, and were vetted by the company’s team of federal market research experts.


“Deltek provides good education on pretty much all of the issues that impact GovCon - from program management and compliance to small business issues. GovWin IQ is a great solution and helps contractors find the opportunities that they're qualified for.”

– Mark Amtower, Government Contracting Advisor (From the Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study)


The list of federal contracting opportunities included in the top 50 have estimated solicitation dates in FY 2024 and are selected based on the total expected contract value or the anticipated ceiling value. In total, these top 50 opportunities accounted for approximately $550B in federal contracts.

These were the three opportunities that had the highest contract value for the current federal fiscal year:

  1. Community Care Network Next Generation (CCN)(NEXT GEN), from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Estimated value: $88.9B.
  2. Solutions for Enterprisewide Procurement VI (SEWP VI), from NASA. Estimated value: $77B.
  3. ALLIANT 3, from the General Services Administration (GSA). Estimated value: $75B.

Government Contractors who attend the webinar series or download the reports will gain access to:

  • Each of the Top Opportunities for FY 2024
  • Recaps of the 2023 federal fiscal year
  • Trends in the top federal opportunities for the year ahead
  • Detailed government intelligence to help businesses build a strong pipeline

Top Federal Contracting Takeaways for FY 2024

The government market is strong, but there are reasons to be cautious. Federal contract spending in FY 2022 reached record heights, rebounding after a slight decline in FY 2021. Our research team has found that despite these significant increases in federal spending, the number of firms receiving federal awards is declining. This consolidation is driven by, among other factors:

  • Agencies adopting IDIQ contracts to speed buying and leverage purchasing power. These offer fewer vendors prime positions.
  • Barriers to entry driven by rising contract compliance requirements, such as CMMC or subcontracting.

Companies interested in growing their government contracting sales pipelines should stay abreast of the market and understand the new tools they may have to get an edge over the competition. In an increasingly competitive market, the businesses that have the most comprehensive information into the government market can give themselves a leg up on their competitors. Using tools like GovWin IQ enables companies to identify early-stage opportunities, plan strategically, build relationships and navigate the competitive landscape.

To get more industry-leading information on the Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2024 and hear directly from Deltek’s team of federal market experts, register for the on-demand webinar series today.


Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2024

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