Three Thriving Government Contracting Small Businesses

May 05, 2021

As a small business, selling to the government can seem overwhelming. Studying examples of peer companies who are succeeding in this space can help you to surface applicable tips to empower your growth in the public sector market. Below are three firms that have scaled their government contracting efforts and are actively winning business from federal, state, local or education government agencies.

GPSI Guam – 8(a) and HubZone-Certified Small Business Tracks More Government Contracting Opportunities

GPSI Guam is a professional technical services small business, one that is 8(a) and HUBZone-certified, that provides program/project management, administration, management, technical support, general contracting, logistics, commodities, and training resources to the federal government. Their geographic location has presented their business with an obvious challenge. “Based on the location of our company it makes us an even smaller business,” said Craig Camacho, Business Operations Manager for GPSI Guam. “With GovWin IQ, it has allowed us to see beyond local opportunities.”

“ We can track potential revenue streams that keep us on target for our annual and future goals. ”

Craig Camacho, Business Operations Manager, GPSI Guam

By leveraging the best-in-class federal market intelligence offered within the GovWin IQ platform, GPSI Guam is able to keep tabs on streams of potential and future revenue that keep the company on target to hit its plans. “It's no longer throwing darts in the dark for us,” said Camacho. With GovWin, his company has gained access to a more targeted way of sourcing government contracting opportunities.

Sealaska – Minority-Owned Small Company Succeeds at Selling to the Public Sector

Sealaska is an Alaska Native Corporation representing the rich heritage of the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian people. The company has eight different subsidiaries doing work in construction, data management, IT, environmental remediation, environmental consulting services, marine science and engineering.

“ With the help of tools like GovWin, we’re able to look at federal spending trends, as well as specific agency spending trends in advance of the RFP – to see where agencies are spending their money – and on which products and services. ”

April Horsley, Business Development Manager, Sealaska Corporation

Originally, the company was using homegrown spreadsheets to track opportunities and wanted to find a better, more proactive way to stay ahead of the competition. Once the company invested in the tools and information they needed to get ahead of opportunities before they were released to the public, they expanded their business development to win more federal business with a wider range of agencies. They were even able to use those tools to look at the past performance of potential partner companies and identify which organizations were good fits to team with on new or existing opportunities.

Business Integra – Woman-Owned Business Scales With Streamlined Operations

In 2001, Business Integra, a provider of information technology (IT), cybersecurity, aeronautic engineering, scientific solutions and mission support services, launched in the commercial space as a woman-owned and minority-owned firm. Over time, their vision expanded – and so has the business - leading to Business Integra becoming a globally-recognized service provider.

“ I needed my overall process to be more straightforward, and I needed a process to flow seamlessly into others without interference. We needed to marry everything together, and that’s why we moved to Deltek. ”

Padma Shinde, Chief Financial Officer, Business Integra

To scale at this rate, Business Integra needed to streamline their operations. It started with tracking their certifications along with their public sector sales and capture strategies. They switched to Deltek’s CostPoint cloud-based ERP system that connected it to their GovWin business development platform for an integrated solution that allowed Business Integra to better operationalize their systems and scale their business.

Small Businesses Can Expand and Learn How to Win Government Business

Do you operate a small business that is looking to expand its government sales operations in the public sector and win more business opportunities like the three companies mentioned above? This guide on Selling to the Government as a Small Business is designed to provide an understanding of government acquisition priorities and policies, and assist in building a small business public sector sales strategy.


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