The Agency Roadmap: The Right Route to Success

December 09, 2021

For the past few months, this blog has introduced you to the various operational areas any ad or marketing agency should focus on to optimize operations. If you need a quick review, cycling back to each area of interest is easy:

●      Improving Project Delivery

●      Investing in Talent and Culture

●      Increasing Profitability

●      Implementing a Plan for Growth

These four key areas, along with an examination of potential pitfalls and insights on the best way to leverage technology to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate, are examined in-depth in Deltek’s Agency Roadmap.

There’s a consistent theme in each area of focus, and that is the transformative power of the right technology. Agencies like yours today face challenges that were inconceivable just a couple years ago. Today, your to-do list probably includes adapting to hybrid office structures, staying on the ceaseless search for top talent, and addressing the need to train and retain current staff. Above it all, you still have to meet the needs of existing clients and keep the new business pipeline packed.

That sounds like a lot because it is a lot. The good news is that forward-thinking agencies have recognized the value of incorporating and integrating robust, future-proof technology solutions that truly empower their people in every department. From the creatives to the accountants, from the sales team to the leaders in the c-suite, everyone in your shop becomes exponentially more effective when the right systems and solutions are in place. It means optimal performance, which translates to consistent client satisfaction -- something that can only be good for your agency’s bottom line.


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The key points noted above might sound like obvious areas of concern. Any savvy shop knows that’s what needs the most attention. The question, then, is how to invest in each one -- your projects, your people, your profitability, and your plan for the future -- with effective strategies that will make a genuine difference.

The Agency Roadmap guides you through a meticulous thought process to help create a realistic approach to realizing these goals. It includes a series of detailed checklists designed to walk your decision-makers through a holistic approach to finding out what will work best for your shop. From initial project budget development to long-term profitability projection, from improving client interactions to ensuring straightforward ease-of-use for your staff, these lists address every critical facet of agency operation. You’re sure to come away knowing the best way for your shop to get started on its road to optimal operations.

As you look ahead to 2022 and how your operations should improve, consider putting the effort into your bottom-line growth to improve your margins. Get more out of what you already have by streamlining projects, connecting people better, forecasting resourcing well ahead of time and fostering an inclusive culture that is sure to win on all fronts.

So, let the journey begin. Download Deltek’s Agency Roadmap and you’ll be ready to start your drive toward real success.