Leadership Success Stories: How Deltek is Investing in Gender Diversity

March 14, 2022
How Deltek is Investing in Gender Diversity

Recently named one of America’s Best Employers by Forbes and a Top Workplace by the Washington Post, Deltek is continually working on creating a world-class culture for its team. Part of that is a focus on gender diversity and equality. We are proud to support our women employees with career development opportunities, continuing education programs and resources to enable them for success. With women comprising nearly 70% of our latest leadership hires, Deltek is setting the example of what gender diversity in the workplace can look like and how it is a vital part of the company culture.

Although many regard women and men as equally competent when it comes to the qualities necessary for leadership roles, women still only account for 29% of these positions globally. When compared to the percentage of women in leadership at some of the largest tech companies, Deltek out-ranks companies like Amazon and Google, with more than 35% of our leadership roles occupied by women.

We spoke with three female leaders, Shirin Mangold, Nadia Hill and Karen Alden, about their leadership journey and experiences working at Deltek. With each recently promoted to vice president, they shared how they’ve navigated various opportunities and how a diverse and inclusive culture has been key to driving their careers forward.


Shirin Mangold: VP of Information Technology

“It's no secret that technology has been a traditionally male-dominated field, and I have spent much of my pre-Deltek education and career working with and for many more men than women. I decided to join Deltek in-part because of the impressive number of women in leadership roles, many of whom mentored, encouraged, and collaborated with me over the years. Working alongside these accomplished and successful women leaders inspires confidence and a sense of belonging that helps keep me motivated and engaged.

I started in IT on the Business Applications team, leading the implementation of solutions to support our HR and Finance organizations. After a couple of years, I moved over to lead the IT Service Desk organization and have continued to take on additional responsibilities. I'm now excited to be leading multiple IT Support functions and the global Facilities organization. I credit Deltek's culture and leadership for allowing me to try new things and grow my career in such a meaningful way. Most importantly, Deltek's inclusive and innovative approach to getting things done has allowed me so many opportunities to try new things and learn in real-time.

Regardless of who you work for and with, it's important for women employees to see and hear from people who encounter similar obstacles and realize that they are not alone. As a workforce, we are becoming more aware and educated on issues women face in their careers, and awareness is such a critical step to creating real change.”

Joined #TeamDeltek in 2010

Nadia Hill: VP of Project Management

"My goal has always been to do interesting and challenging work that enables me to make a positive business impact. Since the beginning, Deltek has supported me in pursuing the work I am most passionate about by allowing me to contribute in such a broad range of initiatives. I have a history of getting involved in strategic projects and initiatives we've never done before, from evolving our Mergers & Acquisitions program to delivering new technologies that help our internal teams scale and grow. I love solving problems and figuring out how to do new things.

Deltek's workplace culture provides a safe space to try the unknown and express new ideas, where we understand that sometimes the best solutions come when we can challenge each other with different ideas and perspectives. It is a place where I’ve always felt that my ideas and contributions were valued, and also where I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work for, and with, so many amazing women leaders ─ many who have been mentors and role models for me.

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) provide a platform to share the many different perspectives, ideas and challenges that exist across our Deltek community. These educational events and activities encourage us to take time out from our busy lives to reflect on difficult but important topics and support each other. With a better understanding of the challenges that we each face, we can make small changes that can make a big difference.”

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Karen Alden: VP of Human Resources

“Throughout my career, I have often been the only woman in many meetings and in a predominately-male industry. While that has never deterred me, or my goal of providing an exceptional working environment for our employees, the culture at Deltek provides the opportunity to look beyond gender – to lead by our values that are embedded in everything we do.

In my role, I partner closely with the Global Learning team and with our leadership teams in providing opportunities to develop and grow their careers. Through self-selected and prescriptive learning solutions, including LinkedIn Learning, along with award-winning leadership development and mentoring programs, employees have access to educational resources to help grow and develop their skills while positioning themselves for career advancement. I appreciate the investment Deltek has made in me to further my skills as a leader and in my Human Resources role.

One of things that differentiates Deltek from other organizations, is our incredibly diverse culture, which is so valuable in the workplace today. It helps foster a strong sense of belonging and acceptance, while providing an environment where employees feel safe to speak of their own life experiences. This is especially true of the Women @ Deltek group, which gives employees the opportunity to network and build relationships, while sharing different viewpoints and experiences. I’m so grateful for the community we’ve built through this ERG."

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At Deltek we are proud of the values-driven environment we have created, where every employee understands that they will be treated with respect, inclusivity and appreciation, and that they have opportunities to pursue their professional interests and grow their careers.

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