Supporting the GovCon Industry With Pioneering Innovation – Our Legacy and Our Future

April 06, 2021

Government Contractors ─ On the Forefront of Innovation

Government contractors have always been at the forefront of innovation, solving some of the nation’s toughest problems. From war planes and radar systems, to moonshot technology and fully remote rover vehicles roaming other planets  contractors deliver the life’s blood that keeps our country, state and local governments pumping along. Their innovations make where we live a better place.

To do their work, these same contractors need solution partners that are equally innovative. They need support for their projects from capture to delivery. They want to know their partners understand their business from the ground up, as project-based work for the public sector is nuanced, with specific requirements and adherences. Deltek stepped into the void decades ago to solve the problems contractors were facing, to faithfully provide comprehensive solutions for the government contracting community.

Pioneering Innovation From the Beginning

In 1983, Deltek’s founders were inspired by this void in the government contracting space. Accountants themselves, they set out to solve the lack of finance solutions specifically designed for government contracting businesses. Deltek began engaging with government contractors to gain a deep-rooted understanding of the industry which shaped how government contractors perform their accounting today. Deltek took contractors from time-consuming paper ledgers and adding machines, to a streamlined method of tracking and reporting every budget dollar. At the time, this was revolutionary.

This solution enabled financial and accounting managers to enter information into a single hub for automated tracking and reconciliation ─ todays’ cost accounting system. The Deltek System 1 product was the first cost accounting system designed specifically for government contractors, and with it launched a legacy of enhancing business performance within the market through purposeful innovation ─ a core Deltek value. 

Evolving With the Times and Needs of the Industry

Throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s, Deltek continued to listen to the demands of government contractors, modifying System 1 to improve capabilities and capacity within the solution. By 1991, System 1 was considered the premier financial solution for small and mid-sized government contractors helping hundreds of small and medium-sized customers successfully pass thousands of Defense Contractor Audit Agency (DCAA) audits. And, as customer needs and demands continued to evolve, so did our solutions. A decade after its debut, System 1 evolved into the first version of Deltek Costpoint, a solution that now powers thousands of government businesses, of all sizes, across the country. 

As Deltek moved into the new millennium, we realized that we were only addressing the tip of the iceberg in terms of government contractor needs. Contractors needed help managing the entire project lifecycle, from identifying business and winning a contract award, to producing on-demand audit information and closing to complete a project. To support the business development needs of government contracting firms Deltek launched the first fully realized platform to have the entire breadth of federal contracting data and information in one place. The result was GovWin IQ, which provides contractors with early opportunity intelligence, best-fit searches on contract opportunities, the ability to source new teaming partners and buyers, and unfettered access to a team of analysts and researchers to help customers capture more public sector business. 

With an ear out to how workforces were evolving with the help of mobile devices and web-based applications, Deltek pivoted to support an increasingly mobile workforce. Deltek worked to equip government firms with anytime, anywhere access, including applications to track time, expenses and more for a flexible and secure use of Costpoint and GovWin IQ beyond the office.  

Meeting GovCon Needs All in One Place 

Deltek’s growth has remained purpose-driven and strategic. More depth has been added to current solutions to close the gaps on project lifecycle management. Because government agencies employ a variety of contract vehicles (such as fixed-price, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity) to achieve their goals, with each having individually tailored requirements, addressing more nuanced demands and pulling all solution performance into a central repository became a priority for Deltek. This included optimized analytics, capture management, manufacturing, shop floor time, human resources, state and local, subcontractor management and the buildup of business development resources at the federal, state and local levels. 

Today, Costpoint 8 and GovWin IQ remain the leading solutions for government contractors. Deltek’s mission is the same now as it was decades ago, anticipate and address the unique needs of the industry. That includes tracking Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which can be done with ease using comprehensive solutions like Costpoint 8 and GovWin IQ, and the most recent introduction of GovCon Cloud Moderate

From the beginning, making the jobs of government contractors easier across the entire project lifecycle has been Deltek’s driver and passion. Being a trusted partner to contractors, behind the scenes, so they can be great, is our greatest inspiration and reward.

Wherever the government contracting demand or need evolves, Deltek is on the journey with them, providing new and emerging technologies with purposeful intention. It’s our legacy and our future.  


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