Specs Q1 2022 Customer Town Hall Recap

April 19, 2022

The Quarterly Town Halls are part of Deltek’s ongoing commitment to keep customers updated on the latest product releases and what’s happening with Deltek. During the Q1 2022 Town Hall Meeting, the product management team shared new features available in the latest release of Specpoint and e-SPECS. Attendees also received an update regarding MasterSpec content and resources available to empower users to get the most out of their Specification Solutions.


Deltek Specs Town Hall Q1 2022

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Coming Soon! Deltek Idea Portals

Coming in May 2022, Deltek will launch the new Idea Portals, customer-centric online tools where you can share your ideas directly with Deltek Product Management, discuss ideas with your peers, and vote on other ideas. The Idea Portals give you, our valued customers, an improved platform to help facilitate the direction of products that power your project-based business.

With the Idea Portals you can:

  • Help form product ideas to enhance Deltek products
  • Review, comment, and vote on ideas that would benefit your organization
  • Receive status updates on ideas you have entered and easily filter to see what ideas are currently planned for release
  • Use the Idea Portals to share feedback on future designs and more!

Specpoint Highlights

Deltek’s newest specification solution, Specpoint, the home of AIA MasterSpec, has been in the market since Q4 2021 and continues to build momentum with increased number of users and projects established in Specpoint. Specpoint highlights include:

  • In-app Training Access: Access pre-recorded training libraries conveniently within Specpoint to get you up and running quickly.
  • Project Research: Discover trends and ensure proposed design solutions are adequately challenged to comply with project conditions.
  • Guest User Invitations: Integrate design teams, consultants, owners, contractors, and product experts in a single platform to streamline collaboration.

e-SPECS Highlights

e-SPECS version 14.0 was deployed March 15, 2022 and this is the final version release for e-SPECS as this product is now in maintenance mode. e-SPECS version 14.0 highlights include:

  • Section Insert: Open multiple previews and work with the Section Checklist simultaneously.
  • Bracket Report: Choose specific Sections or Divisions instead of only creating a full project report.
  • Project Workspace: Now includes a Mini Format Toolbar when text is highlighted during editing.
  • New Find All: Interface with integrated search results and navigation for quicker look ups.
  • Style Guide: New additions to adjust spacing to the Section Titles, End of Section, and select outline levels for more customized output.
  • Project Properties: New fields which also translate to merge fields.
  • Designer Importer: Improvements to mapping/tagging logic.

MasterSpec Q1 2022 Release Highlights

The MasterSpec Q1 2022 update was released on March 31, 2022. New to MasterSpec as of Q1 is Section 018113.54 Sustainable Design Requirements: Green Globes 2021. Section specifies general requirements and procedures related to the Green Building Initiative's Green Globes for New Construction 2021.

The following Sections in Divisions 6 and 10 have received a selective technical update for compliance with ISO 4586:

  • 062023 Interior Finish Carpentry
  • 064113 Wood-Veneer-Faced Architectural Cabinets
  • 064116 Plastic-Laminate-Clad Architectural Cabinets
  • 064219 Plastic-Laminate-Faced Wood Paneling
  • 101100 Visual Display Units
  • 101200 Display Cases
  • 101423 Panel Signage
  • 101429 Modular Signage

Discontinued with this Q1 update is 221413 Facility Storm Drainage Piping. Relevant content from this Section was incorporated into 221414 Storm Drainage Piping.

Deltek’s Customer Success Team: Here to Help You

The Customer Success Team's primary goal is to assist the customer in navigating through any non-technical product questions you may have about your product subscriptions. This team works to:

  • Serve as your advocate and primary Deltek contact.
  • Build lasting relationships based on accountability, trust and advocacy.
  • Provide ongoing daily support of your Deltek account in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure your team is using the latest product training resources and meet the educational needs of your staff to maximize your product investment.

The Customer Success Team is also your point of contact to facilitate renewing your annual product subscription and assist you with gaining access to Specpoint. Email Customer Success at: [email protected].

Deltek University Update

The Deltek University Team continues to deliver bigger and better product training to customers. Below are a few of the most recent updates discussed during the Q1 Town Hall Meeting:

  • Changes to the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ) Platform: New dash-board style home screen implemented providing recommended learning paths and recommended course widgets for your learning profile. Increased visibility of student’s progress to keep you on pace to achieve learning goals, and improved search filters to help you easily get to your training materials.
  • Specs Training on the DLZ: Specific training courses available to support your specifications include:
    • Specification Design course (created with AIA)
    • Specpoint courses
    • e-SPECS courses including Designer and Revit integration
    • SpecBuilder Cloud and MasterSpec

If you have any questions related to Deltek University or the DLZ courses, please email: [email protected]

Migrating to Specpoint: Frequently Asked Questions

Specpoint is generating a lot of excitement in the A&E industry and below are the top Q&A items we have been receiving around Specpoint. To access the complete Specpoint FAQ document, please contact your Customer Success Manager at: [email protected].

  • What is Specpoint?
    • Deltek Specpoint is an all-in-one cloud-based design automation tool that is the home of AIA MasterSpec®. Specpoint will help architects and engineers reduce risks and improve project outcomes with the combination of its innovative approach to authoring specifications and the industry proven content provided by MasterSpec.


  • Is Specpoint replacing my existing specifications products?
    • Deltek is committed to continually improve products we provide to our loyal customers so your business can be more efficient, productive and successful. Yes, Specpoint is replacing the existing specifications offerings and is the future of the specifications product line at Deltek. The legacy specification solutions have been beneficial to our customers, but it is time to embrace a better, more efficient and collaborative specification solution to help bridge the gap between building product manufacturers and design professional to deliver better built projects. At this time, no timeline has been determine nor announced as to when we will sunset the existing specification solutions. Deltek will provide ample notification so each customer can plan accordingly, but we encourage all customers to begin new projects in Specpoint.


  • Is MasterSpec going away?
    • No, MasterSpec is not going away. MasterSpec has been modernized into a digital format and now resides within Specpoint. At this time, Deltek will continue to provide updates for MasterSpec Word libraries and will notify customers, in advance, the timeline for MasterSpec Word updates being discontinued.


  • How do I get Specpoint and what does it cost?
    • Existing Deltek Specification Solutions customers will be provided access to Specpoint at no additional charge upon payment/renewal of their current product license. If you are as excited about Specpoint as we are and want to get access prior to your annual product renewal, please email the Deltek Specification Solutions Customer Success Team at [email protected] for assistance.


  • What product training is available for Specpoint?
    • Deltek has orchestrated a comprehensive self-paced online product training video curriculum available at no charge to all licensed Specpoint customers. Specpoint training videos are available via the Deltek Learning Zone portal. Access to training will automatically be provisioned upon your Specpoint license. Deltek has also launched a Specpoint Customer Assistance Program (CAP) portal where you can learn more about Specpoint’s features, functionalities and review online product training videos to get familiar with Specpoint. Please speak with your Customer Success Manager for more details about Specpoint training. Deltek has a dedicated Specpoint Onboarding Team to aid in facilitating your organization adopting Specpoint.


About the Author

Denise McDaniel is an experienced professional with a passion for helping AEC firms know more about their business and do more for their clients. As a Sr. Product Marketing Specialist, she leads the Deltek Specifications Solutions product positioning and messaging by providing key insights, benchmarks, and trends to A&E firms. Her experience working in both the software technology sector and for a general contractor/construction management firm brings a unique perspective to the Deltek Specifications product line.