Specification Solutions Q4 2021 Customer Town Hall Recap

January 07, 2022
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager

Customer town halls are part of our commitment to ensure users have the latest information about their Deltek solutions, along with valuable product tips and tricks from the experts and the latest happenings at Deltek. Below is a recap of the Q4 Specification Solutions customer town hall meeting held on December 14, 2021. Don’t miss out on the latest specs products updates and information, register for future Specification Solutions town hall meetings.

Specpoint: Guiding Principles of Deltek’s Newest Specification Solution

The backbone of Deltek’s newest Specification Solution, Specpoint, is founded on the premise of using technology and process innovation to improve the specifications workflow to deliver projects more accurately and efficiently. Specpoint embraces the following core elements to help you deliver better built projects through high quality specification development:

  • Collaboration: Enable iterative exchange of information through a centralized project approach – including manufacturers, consultants, and contractors.
  • Assembly-Based: An assemblies-based approach to developing project specs limits exposure to key risks, allows you to determine and document design early, and provides a bridge to Teams and BIM tools.
  • Evidence-Based Design: Build information efficiently and accurately with data driven product insights based on your firm’s preferences by project type.
  • Harness Data: Build specifications using data that is inherent knowledge to your firm and exchange these data points with other platforms and build reports to fuel your projects.
  • Parametric Approach: Automatic change propagation of project parameters and embedding of knowledge to enhance projects.
  • Leveraging Design Automation: Innovative use of Revit and BIM integration along with digitizing MasterSpec to gain project efficiencies.

What About My Existing Specification Products?

As you can tell, we are excited to deliver Specpoint to the A&E industry, which also includes digitizing MasterSpec®, making it even more powerful to fuel your construction specifications. Be assured, you will be able to access your existing technology and/or MasterSpec Word documents as you make the transition to Specpoint. We encourage all existing customers to begin new projects in Specpoint and work to complete existing projects that source the legacy specs solutions.

Existing customers will be provided access to Specpoint, at no additional cost, upon renewal of their annual subscriptions. If you are interested in accessing Specpoint prior to your annual renewal, we will accommodate your request, contact the Customer Success Team.

Available Specpoint Training and Resources

At Deltek, we understand change can feel overwhelming, so that’s why we’ve developed the Specpoint Customer Assistance Program (CAP). The Specpoint CAP is a self-paced learning experience with pre-loaded content to help guide you through the steps to begin using Specpoint for your building projects. The CAP includes a variety of tools and resources to aid you including:

  • 9 product training videos
  • Comprehensive Specpoint FAQ
  • Specpoint Introductory Videos
  • With additional resources planned such as webinars and customer case studies

Contact the Customer Success Team to learn more about Specpoint CAP.

Take a Look at e-SPECS Version 14.0

The e-SPECS product roadmap includes version 14.0 release slated for the first quarter of 2022. Many new and valuable features and functionality will be added to this version of e-SPECS including:

  • Detached, Multi-Preview on Insertions
  • Format Pop-Up in Workspace
  • First Export Manager Integration with BIM 360
  • More Flexibility with Viewing/Managing Keynotes
  • Style Guide – Additional Control Over SCT, EOS, and ‘lc’ Styles
  • Auto-Tagger on Import Includes Additional Articles
  • New Project Properties Fields
  • License Utility – Export User Emails, Navigation Structure, Permissions Matrix Flexibility
  • New Shortcuts Dialog
  • Publishing + Section Locks Maintenance

MasterSpec Q4 2021 Updates

The MasterSpec® Q4 2021 Update is available to licensed MasterSpec customers. This fourth release of the year contains 54 Sections. Along with full technical revisions and selective updates to content, this release includes the following two additions to the MasterSpec library:

  • 102113.43 Phenolic-Core Pedestal-Mounted Privacy Toilet Compartments: Section specifies phenolic-core pedestal-mounted privacy toilet compartments, commonly referred to as European-style partitions, consisting of taller than average panels, pilasters, doors, and screens fabricated from melamine-faced solid phenolic that are assembled and installed using the manufacturer's standard brackets (fittings), pedestal supports, and hardware configured as toilet enclosures, entrance screens, and urinal screens designed to maximize privacy.
  • 221414 Storm Drainage Piping: Section specifies storm drainage piping/tubing and fittings inside the building, including hub-and-spigot and hubless cast-iron, galvanized-steel, copper, ABS, PVC, specialty pipe fittings, and encasement for underground metal piping. It incorporates relevant content withdrawn Section 221413 Facility Storm Drainage Piping.

Comprehensive updates were also completed for Sections in Divisions 10, 22, and 23. For complete details of the MasterSpec Q4 2021 update, check out this blog.

Stay in the Know in 2022

We look forward to an exciting 2022 and delivering the best specification solutions to power your building projects. Stay up-to-date on the latest specs product details by attending the quarterly customer town hall meetings. Register now so you don’t miss out!


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