Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) Spending & Tracking in GovWin IQ

July 22, 2019
Dan Firrincili
Sr. Manager & Team Lead, Product Marketing

Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs) are among the hottest new topics in the government acquisition world, given the increased momentum in OTA usage and spending.  (For those interested in charting the growth, note that spending attributed to the OTA market, which is not subject to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), reached $4.3 billion in FY 2018.) 

A host of factors has converged to spur the popularity of OTAs, including:

  • A strategic shift in Department of Defense priorities from focusing on low-intensity conflicts, such as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to maintaining a technological edge - as prescribed by the 2018 National Defense Strategy - against near-peer competitors like Russia and China.
  • A desire to partner with the commercial sector (particularly non-traditional defense contractors), which is viewed as the engine for innovation.
  • Potentially greater flexibility and speed in transitioning from R&D to delivery/production.
  • Recent legislative changes that have facilitated increased OTA use, including expanded definitions of what constitutes a prototype project and easing the transition to production.

The question many government contractors are asking is: should we be invested in OTAs as a tool to fuel our government sales strategy?

Find Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) Data Quickly in GovWin IQ

Despite the popularity of OTAs, many companies are seeking clarity about what OTAs are and what guidelines and circumstances govern how and if agencies can leverage OTAs.

Obtaining, aggregating, and deriving insight into OTA activity has historically been an inefficient and time-consuming process. As a result, visibility into this market’s participating agencies and companies, and into the type of work and agreements involved, has been limited. With limited visibility, companies understandably could have blind spots within their own customers’ areas of need.

Thanks to some recent upgrades, GovWin IQ now offers clear visibility into the OTA market.

With these upgrades, GovWin can help inform your strategic research into the OTA market.  GovWin IQ users today are taking advantage of the new Other Transaction Agreement spending data and tracking capability to efficiently track and get analytics on OTA-related activity and opportunities.

Among the activities GovWin customers are leveraging OTA data for include:

  • Using GovWin’s Federal Spending Analytics to identify future buyers and partners within this high-profile procurement area
  • Identifying which OTA activity is going through consortia or consortium management firms
  • Sizing the market accurately and quickly to learn who the OTA players are and where the opportunities may be

Learn More About Other Transaction Agreement Spending in GovWin IQ

If your company is unable to answer the following questions, it may be time to learn more about the recent upgrades made to GovWin providing visibility and awareness into the OTA market:

  • What is an OTA?
  • Which agencies, i.e. my customers/prospects, can use OTAs?
  • What kind of products/services, i.e. work my company could be involved in, are procured via OTAs?
  • Who is performing this work? (Can I team/partner? Is it my competition?)

Ready to learn more? Register for this webinar hosted by Deltek Principal Research Analysts Steven Mihalisko and Nico Fisher to see how GovWin IQ helps you derive insights into the OTA market accurately and efficiently.


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