Review of MasterSpec Q1 2022 Update

April 01, 2022
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager

The year 2022 is moving at warp speed with the delivery of the MasterSpec® Q1 2022 update! The Deltek team is pleased to announce the MasterSpec 2022 first update is available for download and installation.

What's New in the MasterSpec Q1 2022 Update

This first release of the year contains 101 Sections. Along with full technical revisions and selective updates to content, this release includes Section-specific sustainability language updated for all LEED v4.1 BD+C and ID+C rating systems throughout Division 07 of the MasterSpec library.

New to MasterSpec as of Q1 is Section 018113.54 Sustainable Design Requirements: Green Globes 2021. This Section specifies general requirements and procedures related to the Green Building Initiative's Green Globes for New Construction 2021.

The following Sections in Divisions 6 and 10 have received a selective technical update for compliance with ISO 4586:

  • 062023 Interior Finish Carpentry
  • 064113 Wood-Veneer-Faced Architectural Cabinets
  • 064116 Plastic-Laminate-Clad Architectural Cabinets
  • 064219 Plastic-Laminate-Faced Wood Paneling
  • 101100 Visual Display Units
  • 101200 Display Cases
  • 101423 Panel Signage
  • 101429 Modular Signage

Discontinued with this Q1 update is 221413 Facility Storm Drainage Piping. Relevant content from this Section was incorporated into 221414 Storm Drainage Piping.

In addition to technical content updates, all Sections in this release have received nontechnical revisions for improved functionality and editing capability in Specpoint.

How to Access the MasterSpec Q1 2022 Update

MasterSpec licensed customers can access the Q1 2022 MasterSpec update at the Updates & Downloads section of the Deltek website. Visit the User Resources section of our website to find MasterSpec Supporting Documents, Tables of Contents, and Standards Organizations. MasterSpec subscribers can also access the Q1 2022 Update via Specpoint. We encourage you to take advantage of the updates offered in this release.

e-SPECS customers licensed for MasterSpec can access the updated section list and link to download the update file within the Release Notes. Please note, the MasterSpec for e-SPECS Q1 2022 update applies to e-SPECS Versions 9.x. and later. If you are running an earlier version of e-SPECS, contact your support representative to upgrade to a current version before applying the MasterSpec update.

For SpecBuilder Cloud customers, the MasterSpec Q1 2022 Update is available for cloud access through SpecBuilder Cloud and for download from the Updates & Downloads section of the Deltek website.

Need Assistance or Have Input?

As always, MasterSpec Sections continue to receive technical revisions based on subscriber feedback. Please continue to use the link at the top of each MasterSpec Section to submit feedback or questions related to MasterSpec content. Don’t forget to take advantage of the User Resources section of our website to find MasterSpec Supporting Documents, Tables of Contents, and Standards Organizations.

Should you have questions about downloading files from our website or running the installations for MasterSpec, please reach out to our support team by visiting You may reference Knowledge Article 100050 or open a support ticket, and a Customer Care Analyst will assist you. 



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