Introducing the Deltek WorkBook App

January 23, 2019
Regan Riddoch
Director of Product Marketing

Power your agency’s success on-the-go 

At Deltek, we’re always looking for ways to help make managing your agency easier. That’s why we’ve combined all the features of the original WorkBook Apps – WorkBook, Share and Collaboration – into one place so you can keep your agency engaged, connected and productive from anywhere. With the Deltek WorkBook App it’s even easier for you to see what needs your attention, communicate with the team and the client, collaborate on project tasks and keep track of expenses - all from the convenience of your iOS or Android mobile device.


When you’re traveling or working remotely, it can be a challenge to keep your to-do list straight. With mobile access to your Task List you can see what your assignments are, how many hours you’ve been allocated for and their level of priority so you know what to tackle first.  


Projects don’t stop moving when you’re on the road. Use your Inbox to keep conversations going, get follow-up reminders and see notifications of what needs your attention most.


Feel like you’re in the office even when you’re not. Chat and comment on conversations in progress so you can stay connected to your team from anywhere.


When inspiration strikes or a new opportunity develops, it’s not always when you’re sitting at your desk. Start a 1:1 conversation from anywhere with mobile access your WorkBook contacts.


Forgot to submit your timesheet before you left the office? Not a problem – submit time on your mobile device from your Task List or Time Entry tab. WorkBook automatically populates how many hours you’ve been scheduled for and how many you’ve used to help you enter time easily and quickly - without having to search for projects or memorize lengthy job numbers.


Say goodbye to headache of sorting thru a wad of crumpled receipts when you get back from production. Take photos of your receipts and upload them to the system as you go.


Go to the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store to learn more.