Introducing Deltek’s Agency Roadmap for Long-Term Resilience and Growth

July 12, 2021

The Battle Plan for Ad and Marketing Agencies Ready to Evolve

If you’re an advertising or marketing agency, now’s the time for a little introspection. Sure, the past year-and-a-half has been one of survival and resilience, but the pace of business is definitely picking up, and forward-thinking agencies are getting themselves set to best capitalize on the renewed momentum. That makes right now the ideal time to take a hard look at internal operations, addressing deficiencies and optimizing operations. That self-analysis, simply put, is imperative if you want to ensure that your position in the market is primed to flourish.

Industry experts at Deltek have worked up a detailed approach to analyzing, evaluating, and optimizing agency operations for advertising and marketing professionals determined to hone their competitive edge. The result is Deltek’s Agency Roadmap, which takes a measured, four-step approach to assessing and improving what should be your agency’s priority concerns: project delivery, talent and culture, profitability, and growth. This detailed document follows through with a thoughtful approach at how to best leverage technology in your agency’s efforts to extract maximum performance and value from each of those four essential areas. We are convinced that an agency following this roadmap will stand apart in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

You can download Deltek’s Agency Roadmap here, and absorb it at your convenience, but you don’t have to eat the whale all at once. In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be breaking out and breaking down each of the distinct areas of focus, providing easy-to-absorb introductions, as well as some valuable, cautionary examples of potential pitfalls and challenges that could trip up your agency’s efforts to achieve true top form.


Accelerate Agency Operations: The Definitive Roadmap for Long-Term Success

Discover how to build impressive project delivery, retain the best talent, and maximize efficiency and profitability.

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Why are we committing ourselves to sharing this knowledge? Easy: We recognize the need to stay ahead of today’s blistering business transformation pace. Digital services are growing with exponential explosiveness, client demand for on-time delivery is unprecedented, and margins must be maximized for any agency determined to thrive, not just survive.

Starting today, we’re asking insightful agency leaders eager to level up to ask themselves and their teams the following four questions:

  • How can I increase project delivery capacity without sacrificing quality of work?
  • How can I develop our talent and culture into a competitive advantage?
  • How can I increase our profit margins without relying on reduced fees or discounts?
  • How can I deliver a long-term roadmap to grow the agency?

Deltek has what we believe are outstanding answers to these key inquiries, and they are available in the Agency Roadmap. Summer is typically a time when things slow down just a bit. Agency leadership often turns focus inward, anticipating the influx of new business in the fall, using summer months to get their teams fine-tuned and ready to evolve. That makes right now the ideal time to get started. Be sure to follow this blog series and watch for those more detailed postings addressing those key areas of focus mentioned above, and to formulate answers to those key questions. Stay tuned, stick with us through the summer and fall, and get ready to take your agency to the next level.