Improve Your Payables Management with Deltek ComputerEase

June 20, 2023
Improve Your Payables Management with ComputerEase

Gain Efficiency, Accuracy, and Enhance User Experiences with the Latest System Updates

In today's fast-paced business world, accurate and efficient accounting practices are essential to maintain a competitive edge. The latest Deltek ComputerEase release offers significant advantages to users for jobs, equipment, and payroll.

Enhanced User Maintenance for Easier User Management and Authentication

Simplify user maintenance and authentication for System Admins and Controllers with a new single entry screen for user permissions and credentials, making the user experience more efficient and intuitive.

ComputerEase’s user maintenance screenScreen shot of ComputerEase’s user maintenance screen

Standard GL Postings with Job and Equipment Information

Now standard GL postings can include job and equipment information, making accounting practices more accurate and efficient. You can now save job and equipment information for recurring journal entries, making the process more efficient and saving you time.

This feature is beneficial for posting depreciation values to equipment, allowing for easy tracking and accurate accounting.

Standard and template journal entries now include new fields for cost code, cost type, equipment, and equipment code, making it easier to track job and equipment costs.

Screenshot of standard journal entry screenScreenshot of standard journal entry screen

Import GL Postings with Job and Equipment Information

Job and equipment information is now included for imported journal entries, reducing errors in data entry. This feature is particularly useful for posting Work in Progress entries and job-related costs, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

These new fields have been added for import based on end-user feedback, making it easier to track job and equipment costs.

By importing standard and recurring journal entries with job and equipment information, ComputerEase users can save time and ensure accurate and efficient accounting practices.

Additional Gender and Race Options to Payroll

Payroll users now have access to additional gender and race options, including "Gender X" and "Not Reported," to ensure compliance with EEOC and certified payroll reporting in some states. The addition of "Gender X" represents “Unspecified or another gender identity” recognition in some states and at the federal level.

Improvements to AP Lookup with Invoice Amount and Date

If you're an accounts payable operator, we have added the invoice amount and date on lookups so you can easily identify the desired invoice for editing or other purposes. With this new feature, more information is available for end users to dig in and find specific invoices, allowing for more efficient accounts payable processing.

Display Net Invoice Amount on AP Entry Screen

We have now added a field to show net invoice amount on the AP entry screen, designed to make it easier to tie out subcontractor invoices and simplify tying out to AIA invoices with retainage withheld. With the net amount field displayed on the screen, users no longer need to manually calculate or back into the gross amount of an invoice.

By showing the net amount after retention, users can verify the net invoice amount and avoid having to manually adjust it later.

Add Vendor Phone to AP Aging Report for Easier Vendor Communication

We know how important it is to have vendor contact information at your fingertips, so 23.1 has added vendor phone numbers to the AP aging report.

An aging report is a financial report that shows the outstanding balances owed to vendors. With the addition of phone numbers to the aging report, users can easily access contact information for vendors and make necessary calls without having to navigate multiple screens.

This new feature is especially useful for identifying missing credit memos on the aging report, as vendor phone numbers are now displayed on the report, so that users can take appropriate action to obtain missing documents.

Streamline Accounting Practices and Enhance Your ComputerEase Experience with 23.1 Release

Deltek ComputerEase's 23.1 demonstrates our commitment to providing users with a user-friendly experience, offering a host of benefits that save time and improve accuracy. Whether you're an accounts payable operator, controller, or payroll user, these updates will help streamline your accounting practices and enhance your overall experience.

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