Improve Project Scheduling and Resource Planning with Vantagepoint

February 26, 2020
Dawn Gajewski
Dawn Gajewski
Senior Director, Project Management

One of the key tenets for Vantagepoint is to deliver features and functionality focused on the project manager.  With Vantagepoint 3.0, we have continued that focus with the release of an interactive Gantt chart and the ability to plan labor resources on labor codes.


With the interactive Gantt chart, project managers have a new schedule tab that provides a more visual way to view and interact with the project schedule.  Project managers can see the schedule for the entire project structure in the form of Gantt bars and adjust the schedule from any level of the project by simply dragging and dropping the bars. This is an easy, visual and, quite frankly, a more fun way to update dates on the project as changes occur. We also added the ability to export the Gantt chart to various formats, including a PNG, so that it can easily be included in a contract or a proposal.  We will continue to enhance the interactive Gantt chart feature with more functionality over the next several releases.

Deltek Vantagepoint Gantt Charts


Another feature included in the 3.0 release is the ability to plan labor resources down to the labor code on a project.   This feature is very popular with larger companies that need an additional level of granularity or grouping while planning projects.  Now Vantagepoint users have this powerful functionality.  Labor codes are used in a variety of ways across our user community and with the flexible and simple functionality introduced with this new feature, users will be pleased to see that adding labor codes to plans will take less time and be easier than ever before.  Feedback from our usability lab and Early Adopter participants was very positive around this feature.

Deltek Vantagepoint Labor Code Planning

We will continue to focus on streamlining and simplifying the project management process by delivering features and functionality that are easy to use, intuitive and powerful giving project managers what they need to manage their projects successfully through the entire project lifecycle.