How Consulting Firms Win - Part 1 of a 2-Part Series by The Hinge Institute

January 22, 2020

Have you ever wondered how the really successful consulting firms are winning?

How do they always find the top talent? Why does it always seem that they spend less time tracking down data? How do they manage change better? How do they get everyone on-board and keep them there? Where do they find their single source of truth?

Deltek and The Hinge Research Institute have teamed up to create a playbook that answers these and other burning questions that keep you up at night. The new playbook (due out in February), How Consulting Firms Win – The Definitive Playbook, is designed to help consulting business executives, management, and project delivery teams win more through research, tips, and proven techniques.


How Consulting Firms Win - The Definitive Playbook

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The playbook focuses on four key plays, and how to implement them:

  • Exceptional project delivery
  • Faster growth
  • Stronger profitability
  • The best talent

It starts with a self-assessment that helps you determine if you should focus your efforts and time on one play, or run them all. This is a playbook that you and your team will want to refer to time and time again. Each play ends with a checklist to help you get started with where to focus at your firm. Throughout the playbook you will also find actionable insights in addition to the 4 major plays, such as:

Three Project Management Killers

  1. Project visibility barriers
    Access to real-time project data is a must for effective project management. Even the most agile and committed project manager, running an equally talented and committed team, can only make good decisions when the available information is comprehensive, current and reliable. You will learn about the woes of using accounting data as project management data, lagging or inaccurate data, and the dangers of having no access to project-level data.
  2. Scope creep
    Most consultants have good radar for scope creep, but far too often they’ve allowed it to work its way into the final project deliverable. How does this happen? It may be that a simple request is honored because whomever was asked doesn’t know any better. It may be that work descriptions and attendant milestones are just unspecific enough to enable a broader interpretation than intended, or it may be a disconnect on the client side between project workers and management.
  3. Lack of good information to effectively deploy talent
    Every consultant lives and dies by the talent available to convincingly win new business and then deliver to expectations. But without balance between where leadership adds the most value and where front-line staff can cost-effectively complete a substantial share of the project, margins will grow slimmer. Overburdening high performers who provide critical leadership and brainpower is also a no-no for the growing firm.

There is a wealth of information in this playbook for firms looking to make a transformation, and therefore it would be easy to miss some key points. Therefore, Deltek will be hosting a preview webinar with Elizabeth Harr, Consulting Expert and Partner at The Hinge Research Institute, to walk attendees through various key components of the playbook. All attendees will receive a copy of the playbook.

Attend or listen to the on-demand webinar, get the playbook, and get answers to the question, “How are the really successful consulting firms winning over and over again?”


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Hinge's Head of Digital Strategy, Kelly Waffle has more than 15 years of professional services and digital marketing experience. He is a Visible Expert in Account-Based Marketing and is recognized by Onalytica as a Top 50 Martech Global Influencer. Kelly writes and speaks frequently on a variety of technology, process, and marketing issues that business leaders and consultants face in today's marketplace.