Get Ahead of the Competition with GovWin’s Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2021

October 01, 2020

The 2021 federal fiscal year is finally here, and with the new year comes a new slate of federal government contracting opportunities for businesses to target as they look to develop their public sector pipeline.

And just released by GovWin are the top contract vehicles in four specific sectors that offer government contractors a chance to win more business in 2021. GovWin is excited to announce its Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2021 in a series of four live and on-demand webinars, along with four corresponding reports.

GovWin’s Top Federal Opportunities webinars will be released over two weeks in October, beginning on October first with the Top 20 Unrestricted Federal Opportunities for FY 2021, and will follow that with discussion of the top 10 opportunities in the Federal set-aside, professional services and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors. A report aligning with each topic will be released later in October.

These reports and webinars dive into these four major topics and identify the contracts with the highest ceiling values that are expected in the coming year. Below is a brief description of those four segments.

Top 20 Unrestricted Federal Opportunities for FY 2021

Unrestricted opportunities are available to the widest group of federal contractors, meaning that no matter what services a business provides, there’s a good chance one of these contract vehicles will be relevant to them. Join GovWin’s federal market experts Carey Webster and Ashley Sanderson to gather detailed intelligence on the top 20 highest-profile free and open federal procurements expected to be released FY 2021. The webinar and report each cover contract spending trends that are shaping the marketplace along with insight into the major upcoming contract opportunities.

Top 10 Federal Set-Aside Opportunities for FY 2021

For women-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned and small businesses, the federal government offers plenty of chances to team on set-asides – and some of those opportunities can be particularly lucrative. GovWin’s federal market expert Kathleen Sievers provides a detailed review of opportunities set aside exclusively for small businesses and other socioeconomic categories, along with an update on the FY 2020 top small business opportunities, such as which frequently delayed solicitations finally were released and which ones also show up on this year’s list.

Top 10 Professional Services Opportunities for FY 2021

There are a select few professional services opportunities that are expected to have the most impact on the market in FY 2021. Join GovWin’s federal market expert Shadi Shakibai as she provides a detailed assessment of the top 10 professional services opportunities across multiple industry segments. The webinar and report also take a deep dive into key procurement trends and patterns anticipated for the coming year.

Top 10 Federal AEC Opportunities for FY 2021

GovWin’s federal market expert Rachel Doherty as she gives a detailed assessment of the top 10 federal architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) opportunities for the next 12 months. In addition, GovWin’s AEC research delves into recent procurement patterns that will aid companies selling to the public sector as they scale their business development efforts in support of the federal government.

Experienced federal government contractors know that GovWin has a long history of providing detailed analysis of these valuable contract opportunities, and our research team has spent countless hours vetting these opportunities to provide the broadest and deepest opportunity research in the government contracting marketplace.


"Kick off FY 2021 with industry-leading data and analysis on the top federal opportunities opening up in the next year."


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